Why We Use Serums

Why We Use Serums

“Serums are the heartbeat of the brand.”


Let’s tackle this important topic as it allows to further expand our understanding and evaluate current selfcare practices when it comes to skin health. Why do we use serums? Simply put, they nourish the skin on deeper levels to prevent skin starvation which is the precursor to premature aging. Without the right nourishment, we cannot expect the skin to thrive especially when the skin is constantly under attack by the outer world.


Top 3 Reasons Serums are so Unique:  Size + Delivery | Coexist | Concentration


Serums hold the key to unlock the door to youth in the skin. There are three useful components as to what makes a serum so valuable to skin health. First and foremost, serums create change in the skin because they contain the smallest molecular structure of ingredients. These ingredients can efficiently advance into the skin with the use of a delivery system to support healthy tissues and increase dermal thickening. Cleansing the face is a temporary event. Applying an oil or moisturizer creates more of an occlusive to lock in hydration. Therefore, serums offer the most impact purely because they house the nutritional ingredients and delivery systems.


Secondly, serums work so well because the combination of ingredients can coexist without compromise. In that gorgeous serum bottle you can include many effective ingredients to help support repair without diluting or causing other ingredients to be ineffective. For example, in our vitamin A serums, ingredients like niacinamide, chlorella, and 1,3 beta glucan work cohesively to stimulate collagen production and keep the skin on track. We add a hydration source to activate the delivery system and further advance these ingredients into the skin. They support each other as they have the same goal in mind. In serums, we can isolate ingredients in one group that will heal and not harm the skin. Adding savvy ingredients in moisturizers cannot always advance into the skin as effectively, if at all.


Lastly, serums have a high concentration of nutrients. It wouldn’t be productive to include multiple nutritive ingredients into a cleanser because as mentioned, it’s a short-term event for the skin. We have the ability to combine many different types of ingredients that can support the skin from different aspects. In analogy, a serum is like a salad. A healthy salad contains different types of offerings to target nutrition. Each ingredient in a salad has a unique nutritional benefit and the more the merrier! The more vegetables you include into your salad, the more variety of nutrients you can offer the body. This concept is the same for serums. The more ingredients that can advance into the skin to heal and repair from different perspectives, the better the outcome will be.

What makes Osmosis serums so unique?

We address all aspects of creating a safe and efficient product. We hold true to our results. We provide scientific data and case studies to provide insight as to why we make the claim “We treat challenging skin conditions like no one else can.” We maintain healthy barrier function by utilizing delivery systems to advance nutrients into the skin. We surpass the barrier so that we do not create setbacks for the skin. We honor the skin’s intrinsic function to protect, regulate and detoxify with little to no interruption. Our products are safe and non-toxic, sun and reef safe and many products are Oncology Friendly.


Final thoughts, creating age reversal is what allows us to stand out as a brand. Our savvy serums help to create collagen manufacturing, provide DNA repair, support the growth of healthy cells, and repair oxidative damage all while maintaining our holistic principles. We address the skin’s nutritional needs with serums to help create youth in the skin. We evaluate potential internal concerns and address them with supplements. We encourage internal balance to help manage emotions with the use of our elixirs. We choose to treat the whole person from the inside-out.


Pro Tip: If you are looking for a smoother, brighter, more youthful complexion, then first consider our foundational ingredient- Retinaldehyde. We use stabilized Vitamin A in the form of Retinaldehyde because it is the purest form of Vitamin A. This bio available ingredient also inspires the skin to maintain healthy collagen production. We encourage professional treatments with our Facial Infusion and then daily application of a Vitamin A Serum to unsure the skin is receiving adequate nutrition. Professional Vitamin A Serums for daily use include Calm, Correct or Renew. Apply the Vitamin A serum into the skin day or night with plenty of Boost or Infuse. Layering serums can be tricky, so if you are using multiple serums, the Vitamin A serum of choice goes on after your growth factor serum.


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