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10 Mother's Day Gifts You Should Probably Just Buy Yourself

Every mom deserves some TLC, and instead of encouraging you to hint around this year, we’d like to empower you with the option to just buy yourself what you really want for Mother’s Day. Our editorial team put together some of their favorite picks to make your Mother’s Day a day to remember.


We’re talking about velvety serums, luxe body products, silk pillow cases and a couple of high-tech beauty gadgets that cost a pretty penny but are so worth it.


Need a push to treat yourself to something special? Here’s a list of elevated essentials you simply deserve.

Osmosis Rescue Skincare System

Rescue Skincare System


Perfect for jump-starting your new skincare routine, this holistically formulated luxury skincare set is sure to please even the most sensitive skin. Hand-picked by our expert skin care team, these most loved products are typically only accessible from a licensed skin care provider. An indulgent must-have for glowing spring skin that includes the Illuminating Lip and Eye Treatment and Osmosis’s best-selling Rescue Epidermal Repair Serum.

KIT INCLUDES: Cleanse Gentle Cleanser, Illuminate Lip and Eye Treatment, Hydrate Plumping Moisturizer, and a bonus Deluxe Mini Rescue Epidermal Repair Serum



Beautiful Hair

You know you’ve been ready to upgrade your hair dryer for a while now. The Dyson Supersonic hair dryer is engineered to protect hair from extreme heat damage, with fast drying and controlled styling to help increase smoothness by 75%, increase shine by up to 132% and decrease frizz and flyaways by up to 61%. And cuts the average drying time in half - who wouldn't want that?





Osmosis Advanced Retinal Serum

Advanced Retinal Serum


The insider secret formula that is renowned in beauty circles, everywhere.

Everything is special about this results-driven powerhouse serum. It starts with our skin firming retinaldehyde base, to our scientifically enhanced liposomal delivery system that supports better ingredient penetration. Add in 9 collagen stimulators and 7 protective antioxidants for even more cell renewal, improved barrier health and flawless skin.





Osmosis Nutrient Activating Mist

Nutrient Activating Mist


An amazing nutrient-rich moisture mist formulated to pair with Advanced Retinal Serum, Nutrient Activating Mist delivers supple, hydrated skin with a touch of antioxidants on demand. We love to keep one in the fridge to freshen our skin after a hot summer day as well.




One Quince 100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcase


Crafted from the 22-momme silk, this silk pillowcase minimizes bed head and helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. A staff member has been using it for a month and will not stop talking about it.




Osmosis EPIC Skin Tool

Epic Skin Tool

Even your facial skin can benefit from a little daily exercise. This patent-pending skin tool firms and tones by gently massaging skin and maximizing the performance of your skincare.




Pursoma Self Care Sunday Bundle

Pursoma Self Care Kit

A day of healing. Take time for yourself with a bunch of our best-selling, most self-indulgent products that are made to heal mind, body & soul




Osmosis Ageless Vitality Elixir

Ageless Vitality Elixir

Infused with 24-karat edible gold, targeted therapeutic frequencies, and minerals, this vitality-boosting elixir is designed to help neutralize environmental pollutants and feed cellular repair while restoring balance to digestion, organs, and joints. A great addition to a pre-meditation ritual or anytime daily energetic "lift".




Osmosis Brighten, Balance and Repair Mask Trio

Brigthen Balance and Repair Mask Trio


Who doesn't love a relaxing bath and soothing mask? This limited-edition mask trio features holistically formulated treatment masks, normally only available from the spa or your skin care professional. A must have to enjoy for soothed, glowing skin.


KIT INCLUDES: Orange Zest Revitalizing Mask, Cucumber Mint Balancing Mask, and Tropical Mango Barrier Repair Mask 




MasterClass Membership

Woman taking a picture with a camera

Ideal for anyone looking to pick up an enjoyable new skill. An annual membership to MasterClass is a perfect last-minute Mother’s Day gift.  Learn photography from Annie Lebowiz or cooking from Gordon Ramsey. This video platform calls on the greats of every industry to break down expert instructions and insights.





A bonus gift idea rounds out our list. Celebrate your mom by enjoying and sharing this specially curated Spotify celebrating her.

Beautiful Boss, a Mother's Day Music List



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