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Our mission is to empower the skin and body's innate ability to heal itself creating real, lasting results without compromise.
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Founder + CEO

- Ben Johnson, MD

"For too long the quest for youthful skin has usually meant using harsh, harmful ingredients that result in temporary benefits and often age the skin faster. I created Osmosis to help people move away from the old idea of wounding the skin and instead embrace the science-based reality that even better results can be had by empowering the skin's innate ability to heal itself."


Love Your Skin

Love Your Skin

February is the month of LOVE, and at Osmosis we are deeply committed to loving the skin in all of its beauty (and imperfections!) Our mission is t...

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Mastermind Nicole Caffey

Mastermind Nicole Caffey

What is an Osmosis Mastermind?  An Osmosis Mastermind is an Esthetician, Spa or Educator whose skills and passion exemplify our values of being bol...

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