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Tried & True Bridal Must-Haves for a Healthy, Radiant Big Day Look

In preparation for that special day you’ve been dreaming of since childhood, in addition to that beautiful venue and dress, have you considered the health of your skin at its best? Glowing skin accentuates your natural beauty and highlights your features. Nourished, healthy skin makes for a great canvas. In order to prepare your skin for optimal health for your big day look, we suggest a few must-have products to help set you up for success.


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Realistically, to prepare the skin for big results- it takes time. It requires about 30 days for the skin to reset itself, so begin that bridal bootcamp skin care routine as soon as possible. The daily ritual of practicing good skincare application, will instill a long term healthy self-care practice that will guide you in your journey of aging.


To best support the skin, here is a great routine suitable for any bride.

First cleanse with our Cleansing Balm, as it gently removes impurities and deeply moisturizes the skin. You’ll need about a blueberry sized amount of product to sufficiently cleanse the skin. Next apply our Nutrient Activating Mist to refresh the skin, spritz about 5-7 sprays directly onto the face. Then apply one pump of Epidermal Repair Serum all over the face. Add one dropper full of Restorative Facial Oil to your fingertips and apply all over the face, neck and chest. Pro Tip: Use the residual amount of product for the back of your hands. Finish the look with our Illuminating Eye & Lip Treatment (available exclusively from an Osmosis skin care professional). by applying a pea sized amount to the delicate under eye area and directly onto the lips. Apply sun protection for when going outdoors and reapply thirty minutes to an hour to maximize protection.


As we continue this look, we highlight the face with rich color. But first remember, natural isn’t nothing. In order to produce a soft, subtle look, it requires unique products to create natural beauty in photography. So, we’ve compiled a list of Bridal Beauty must-haves to achieve that natural beauty look. 

Always apply a primer to have a healthy base for your makeup application. Our recommendation is our Luminous Treatment Primer & Highlighter for glowing, dewy skin. You can also apply Skin Perfecting Matte Primer for a softer, more mattifying look. Here is where you incorporate your shade of choice from our foundation collection. First apply your Satin Finish Performance Wear and directly follow that step with an adequate amount of our Mineral Pressed Base. Our favorite blush shade for brides is Summer Rose, gently dust the cheek bones, blend and swoop in an upward motion. Our lip intensives will provide lasting color throughout the day and you can finish your lip look by applying Peaceful Lip Glaze over lip intensive color of choice.


Lastly, planning a wedding can be stressful and unfortunately at times your skin can communicate that stress. Many brides fight stress with the assistance of our  ever popular Relax and Unwind Elixir. Whenever you feel overwhelmed, simply ingest 5-7 pumps and take a deep breath.. This will create an internal holistic reset and allow you to destress and relax. Don’t let stress get in front of your beautiful day to come. Enjoy the journey and the experience to the fullest!


It’s time to book an Facial Infusion facial for your big day! Find an Osmosis Skin Care Professional near you and get it scheduled! 


We’ve created Beautiful The Way You Are, a Spotify music list that’s perfect for any bride to enjoy while getting ready for the big day! 

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