You have a liver spot (or spots) commonly caused by medication. While many dermatologists don't attribute some "age" spots to the liver, Dr. Ben Johnson does. You may read about large spots having deeper pigmentation, and that's why it's challenging to treat.

We believe deeper pigmentation distinguishes liver spots from age spots revealing a different cause which our research connects to liver damage from medication as medications often hurt the liver. View a list of liver-damaging medications here. This damage can show on the skin in the form of inflammation/redness. Once in the sun, they often become brown as the skin creates a protective cloud of melanin to cover them. Liver spots develop because the skin inflammation triggers a protective response of melanin (brown) to cover it. To resolve this permanently you need to heal the liver damage otherwise it requires a lifetime of using skin lighteners.

Also Beneficial

Immune Activator
Accelerates oxidative repair from the inside out. This is less effective if you remain on liver-damaging medication(s).

Epidermal Repair Serum
Designed to accelerate repair of dermal inflammation caused by liver spots and/or melasma.

Nutrient Activating Mist
Purifies and detoxes the skin.