The Secret to Glowing Summer Skin

If you’re ready for a summer glow, we suggest you begin with a professional skin treatment. A licensed professional has the tools and education to treat and refresh your skin from our holistic approach. Our holistic approach is based on treating the whole self; focused on holistically healing, not harming. A licensed professional will evaluate the health of your skin through analysis, determine what is best suitable to meet your needs and offer ongoing care to keep your skin glowing. You will find we have a collection of skilled, licensed professionals in your area on our website to best support you on this aging journey. Our licensed professionals have the right skin treatments packed with vitamins like Retinaldehyde (Vitamin A) that help to create lasting change in the skin.

Ready to get down to glow up? Our professional treatments will inspire the skin to tone up, feel more supple and look more youthful. Rich in vitamins and antioxidants, a skin ritual sets aging skin up for success. This nourishing, results inspired treatment is suitable for most skin types, especially aging skin.

Sounds good, right?

Why you want Vitamin A in the form of Retinaldehyde in your facial treatment:

Research supports the fact that Vitamin A in the form of Retinaldehyde is the safest and most effective form of Vitamin A. Retinaldehyde is likely the only Vitamin A that stimulates collagen without thinning or damaging the skin. It is clinically proven to stimulate collagen production and honor the skin’s natural processes resulting in dewy, glowing skin. Additionally, because this is stabilized, it does not break down in the presence of the sun which causes DNA damage. Osmosis Beauty has the only version of Retinaldehyde that is liposome delivered. We do this so that we can effectively reach the dermis at a rate six times more than those without a delivery system. By maximizing the skin’s collagen/elastin making efforts, Retinaldehyde is the most compatible, age-reversing A available. 

Why you want Antioxidants in your facial treatment:

When you think about antioxidants and healthy, glowing skin, think about anti-aging. Antioxidants help to neutralize free radicals. They bond to free radicals/toxins to prevent oxidation (really, oxidation is just a molecular imbalance) Antioxidants help to filter toxins out of the body. They stop the cycle of free radical formation, thus preventing oxidation. This helpful process benefits our skin by boosting our skin’s immunity. In skincare, antioxidants protect the skin’s barrier from oxidative damage caused by these free radicals and environmental aggressors.  Antioxidants also help reduce inflammation and allow the skin to repair itself and correct visible damage.

As you prepare for your facial treatment appointment, drink plenty of water to help support the skin and body’s natural detox strategy. Get excited, this is your time to feel pampered and nurtured. Try not to plan a big event or intensive exercise following your facial treatment. Just rest, relax and rejuvenate!

Following your appointment, be sure to have a good understanding of what comes next. A licensed professional should recommend supporting home care to further enhance your facial treatment. Remember, facials are designed to “jump start” your results, real change comes from the daily application of serums. Glowing skin needs all the skin nutrients it can acquire to best perform. Your home care routine for serum application should always include a Vitamin A product. With all our Vitamin A serums, we ask that you include Nutrient Activating Mist to properly activate the delivery system in your serums. Our serums are highly concentrated and require that treated hydration source so that the ingredients can effectively advance into the skin.

Finish your post care with a little glow care. Once you have applied your serums, moisturizer, and SPF, you can apply the following products to add a little color and enhance natural beauty:


Luminous Treatment Primer

Miami or Maui Bronzer

Clear or Plum Superfood Lip Oil

Carmel or Cacao Define Brow Duo

Noir or Cacao Curling & Defining Mascara

Our Top Picks For Glowing Skin

Advanced Retinal Serum 

Gentle Retinal Serum

Nutrient Activating Mist

Luminous Treatment Primer

Miami or Maui Bronzer

Clear or Plum Superfood Lip Oil