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How To Skin Guide, Transformative Skin Health™ Awaits!

Together, let’s tackle the quiz topic. Quizzes have become so popular as they are a fun way to learn more about who we are, what makes us tick, and what our thoughts really mean. The Osmosis Skin Quiz is especially unique in the sense that not only does it provide skin condition insight, but it also provides a solution to the given concern at hand. Our holistic approach of healing and not harming allows us to address concerns from a skin nurturing standpoint. We assess the external health of the skin by analysis; we evaluate the internal source with the use of our Skin Map. Finally, we identify potential emotional triggers that influence well-being.


Our bodies are constantly showing us what they need; all we must do is understand the clues. Our Skin Map allows us to classify skin concerns that are connected to various zones on the face, neck chest, back, arms and hands. Our Skin Map approach is a thoroughly researched and clinically proven breakthrough that provides clear assistance in the analysis of the organs, toxins, and mechanisms involved in most common skin conditions. Each facial zone represents an organ and the internal imbalances that often reveal themselves on the skin. We have found the Skin Map to be one of our best tools in linking external skin concerns like acne, rosacea, and melasma to an internal source. Our strategy is to support the detox process to alleviate systems in the body with the use of supplements and elixir remedies.


How To Tips for A Successful Quiz

  1. First and foremost, take a current photo of your entire face. If you have bangs or hair that surrounds your face, pull it back into a ponytail or put on a headband. Make sure to have clean skin without makeup on. Good, natural lighting is best for taking a selfie as well. Don’t use a filter when taking your selfie for the quiz, it will not support the accuracy of your overall result.
  2. This is a great time to also take a photo of both your left and right profile. These photos are for you to track your results from all angles as you begin your skin health journey.
  3. When it comes to answering questions, be as honest and descriptive as you can. This will allow our intelligent system to recognize physical concerns and ping potential triggers that could be contributing to your concerns.
  4. Remember, this is a process. Once all the information is received, the system will generate a protocol for you. Most skin concerns require topical skin care remedies and internal wellness support. We target the source of skin conditions with the use of our skin map to link external concerns to internal sources. Our supplements are mindfully formulated to safely detox, increase the repair process, and improve the overall immune system. 
  5. Follow the protocol as directed. If you seek professional advice, you may locate a licensed professional in your area on our website to further assist in your healing and repair process.
  6. Take this opportunity to evaluate potential contributors to your overall concern. For example, if your main concern is acne on the face, eating foods that are high in citric acid can contribute to the source of acne. Keep a log of what you eat daily. It will create a point of reference for you. You can assess what foods are triggers, crowd out those that don’t belong and make room for living foods that will best support your overall well-being.

Take the Skin Quiz


What happens next: 

  • Our Osmosis skin expert will analyze your skin’s condition and needs and advise a custom skin care protocol just for you. 
  • Results are important to us, and so are you! An Osmosis skin expert will review your virtual analysis and develop a skincare protocol specifically for your needs. 


Our promise:

Osmosis’ non-toxic formulas combine clinically proven, patented ingredients and high- potency, targeted nutrients with clinically validated science to create products that uniquely transform and restore the skin to its true health and vitality. By strengthening the foundation of the skin and activating new repair pathways, we generate real, lasting results. 

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