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“The ill-conceived Western diet is the main reason for disease in our society and that includes skin diseases.” – Ben Johnson, MD

Your Digestive System is essentially a long pathway, known as your Digestive Tract. The digestion process involves a series of physical and chemical actions that break down the components of food into nutrient particles small enough for absorption. You need your digestive system to function properly in order to optimally digest and utilize the food that you eat for energy. A compromised digestive tract can contribute or amplify skin concerns, even when your diet is balanced. The body is a remarkable, fully integrated system. What happens in one part of the body affects what happens elsewhere, so it should come as no surprise that our internal health has everything to do with the health of our skin.


Each organ in the digestive system plays an important role when it comes to utilizing food. Let’s briefly review. The first stage of digestion is when you chew your food in your mouth, it is then swallowed and enters the esophagus. The esophagus helps to move food and liquid down to your stomach. The stomach secretes acids and enzymes to break down food and prepares it for the small intestine. The small intestine absorbs nutrients and utilizes the food for energy. Next, the large intestine absorbs water and prepares waste. Finally, the end stage is the rectum where waste is released. This process is the digestive system’s intrinsic function. At times, the digestive system gets into trouble when the food that is eaten impacts this natural process.


The general well-being of your digestive system depends on a few key components. The quality of your nutrient intake. How well your nutrients are digested and absorbed. Finally, how well toxins and wastes are neutralized and removed. When you ingest nutrient-deficient and processed foods, you hinder the body’s ability to thrive.


We, as humans, are mostly microbes, more than 100 trillion of them live inside or on our bodies. They outnumber our human cells 10 to 1. These microbes or bacteria, help us to digest our food, produce certain vitamins, support the immune system, and protect the body from environmental aggressors. Microbes coexist and make every effort to maintain balance with their host. They are essential in protecting us, providing us with nourishment and communicating with our immune system to maintain optimal health. When microbes become imbalanced, it can lead to the progression of certain illnesses, diseases, and conditions.


External stressors can also change your gut microflora, reducing their diversity and balance and weakening normal digestive processes. This stressed environment deteriorates the gut barrier, allowing harmful toxins and byproducts to pass more easily through the intestinal wall and enter the bloodstream, a condition known as leaky gut. When these toxins enter blood circulation, they stimulate a flow of inflammatory reactions and unstable reactive cells (this process is called oxidative stress) that have the ability to attack healthy skin tissue and alter the health of the skin microbiome. These harmful toxins have a domino effect on your cells, creating oxidative stress in the body with consequences for your skin.


Harmful toxins found in our food may lead to the overgrowth of candida and wreak havoc in our digestive system. Candida is a fungus (or yeast) that inhabits the gut flora in the mouth and intestines of every human. Candida becomes a concern when overgrowth occurs, usually a result of stress, antibiotics, or excessive sugar and refined carbohydrate consumption. Ideally, Candida is properly regulated by good bacteria in the gut. However, as Candida multiplies, it produces toxic by-products that compromise the immune system and may cause damage to the body’s tissues and organs. When this occurs, various symptoms such as fatigue, depression, brain fog, yeast infections, and abdominal pain may ensue.


We know the skin is a detoxifying organ. When we are exposed to toxins the body may purge toxins through the pores of your skin. These toxins impact our body’s immune system and skin in significant ways. We are exposed to over a million toxins every day from various sources including- water, air pollution and food. Because the skin is designed to detox, it has mechanisms to manage a variety of toxins. Managing the overage of toxins is what prevents the skin from purging. When purging occurs, it is essential you have a detox strategy. Skin Clarifier is our digestive system detox solution.


Skin conditions that appear in these digestive zones, per our Skin Mapping™  system, are caused by imbalances due to toxins from an overgrowth of candida in the digestive tract. We help to support the detox process by removing candida safely through the digestive tract. Skin Clarifier is a 10-day digestive cleanse that detoxes mucus throughout the body including sinuses, lungs, and digestive system. It supports removal of digestive toxins to decrease skin congestion, including blackheads and blemishes. Skin Clarifier also helps to address constipation, gas and bloating and is recommended for individuals that experience allergies and sinus congestion. We recommend that you take Skin Clarifier in its entirety (10 days, 8 capsules AM & PM), drinking plenty of water and avoiding foods that trigger the overgrowth of candida like sugar, dairy, gluten, citric acid, and high saturated fat foods.


Remember… “Supplements help to supplement what food cannot always provide.” 



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