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Surviving An Eyebrow Emergency

Being quarantined and unable to visit a salon/spa for months has prompted folks to watch a bunch of YouTube videos and go DIY on their eyebrow shaping. 

Unfortunately, just when you’re thinking it's a cinch, you find yourselves staring in horror at your reflection, realizing your brows are now mismatched or overplucked.
Before you have a meltdown worrying about how you’ll look in tomorrow's Zoom Meeting, let us offer solutions and suggest the proper products to get you through the growing out process.

Let’s begin by getting acquainted with the "Golden Triangle" equation for correct eyebrow shape, developed by the original eyebrow guru, Eugenia Weston (Google her, she’s the G.O.A.T. when it comes to eyebrows).
The diagram below will easily guide you through the placement of the beginning, end, and arch of the perfect brow for YOUR face shape.

Eyebrow Emergency

Step 1: Using a small angled brush, begin filling in and softening the look of brows with an eyeshadow close to your eyebrow color, but with a grayish undertone. That ashy tone will make the fill-in look more subtle and natural. Once the brows are shaded in with eyeshadow, use the spoolie on your eyebrow pencil to brush through and soften the solid look.

Step 2: Now we’re going to use the “Golden Triangle” to fill in any missing spots, and reshape your eyebrows. You're going to use short, hair-like strokes with a finely tipped waterproof brow pencil to make this look natural.

The beginning of the eyebrow should line up with point “A”. The highest point of your arch should be at point “B” and angle gently to point “C”. The tail (end) of your eyebrow should not extend past point “D”.
Don't worry if you don't get the shape perfect on your first try (or your second, or your third), just wipe off the mistake with a q-tip before the brow pencil sets.  And if you make the brow look too heavy or solid, just brush through with the spoolie on the other end of the pencil to soften the look.

NOTE: The brow pencil should be slightly lighter than your hair color (to look more natural). Please avoid black, even if it is your hair color, it's too harsh looking.

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Step 3: Seal everything in place by combing through a clear brow gel.

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