summer skincare routine

Summer-ize Your Skincare

Why should you transition from winter to summer skincare if you live in a seasonal climate?
That's simple - if you're not wearing a winter coat, why should your skin? Summer skincare should be like summer clothing - lighter.

Warmer weather also brings its share of skincare challenges and questions like, "Do I have to use moisturizer even when it's super hot outside, and my face feels oily?" (The answer is YES).

Cleanse and Exfoliate

Dead skin cells don't release easily from hot, sticky skin, so you need to exfoliate more often. Cleansers or masks with gentle, non-manual exfoliants (acids and enzymes) are ideal for frequent use in warm weather.

Add it to your routine: Enzyme Cleanser and Cranberry Enzyme Mask

Layering Effect

Vitamin C is the key to preventing hyperpigmentation (caused by UV exposure), so it's especially important to layer a Vitamin C serum between cleansing and moisturizing in the summer months.

In the hotter summer months, we perspire more, so the moisture (water) reserve in our skin evaporates faster. Switch to a more hydrating, lightweight daytime moisturizer to boost your skin's water reserve. It should also contain non-occlusive oils and butters (like shea) to fortify skin barrier function, which slows down water evaporation.

Add it to your routine: DNA Repair C Serum and Nourishing Moisturizer

SPF is Your BFF

Even though the sun is furthest from the northern hemisphere in July, we're spending more time outdoors, wearing less clothing. To prevent sun damage, you need to wear a Broad Spectrum SPF whenever exposed to UV radiation, even on cloudy days. You might not see the sun, but it sees you - right through those clouds.

Add it to your routine: SPF 30 Broad Spectrum Sunscreen


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