Before and After Results showing improvement in Rosacea

Home Care Protocol: Skin Clarifier, Recovery, StemFactor, Rescue, Correct

Client Testimonial:

I am completely healed from rosacea because of Osmosis products. It hasn’t come back and I am so happy! I still use StemFactor, Catalyst AC-11, Correct and Infuse to prevent aging and for skin health. I no longer need to treat the rosacea since it’s totally gone. I highly recommend Osmosis products all the time!


Before and After Result showing improvement in a red irritated neck rash

Home Care Protocol: Rescue and StemFactor.

Client Testimonial:

I had the rash consistently for over 2 years. Now I use Stem[Factor] and Rescue 2 times a day and I can say the rash has never come back. StemFactor is just an amazing product.


Before and After Results Showing Improvement in Rosacea and Acne

Home Care Wellness: Immune Defense, Regenerate, Recovery, Skin Clarifier, Immune Activator, Emotional Well-Being, Skin Perfection


Client Testimonial:

The photos speak for themselves, but if I were to elaborate, it has been life-changing. I've got my face back, my energy back, and my life back! If I have any regrets, it's for not trusting in Osmosis earlier. Because now that I'm not obsessing over my health I actually get to enjoy myself! I get to experience life and do things I struggled with before because of my allergies, constant lethargy, skin sensitivities/pain/swelling, and brain fog. Now I have the vitality and clarity for passion projects, movement, and travel! Thank you so much to Dr Ben and your team!


Before & After Results showing improvement in aging skin, sensitive skin and rosacea

Results achieved using Cleanse, RemedyStemFactorCatalyst AC-11 Rescue, and professional in-clinic treatments. 

Client Testimonial:

I’ve been getting facials every 6 weeks with Michelle and using Osmosis products daily since October. I use the cleanser followed by StemFactor and Rescue serums then Hydrate moisturizer mixed with Immerse oil.  My skin has never looked better. The rosacea has calmed down and I’ve received compliments on my skin!  I finally decided to do something for myself, and I’m so glad I found Michelle and Osmosis!


Before and After Images showing improvement in redness, dry patches, and skin tone

Results achieved using Rescue and Boost


Before and After Photos - Aging skin, sensitive skin, dilated capillaries  

Before and After Photos - Aging skin, sensitive skin, dilated capillaries  

Results achieved using CleansePolishCatalyst AC-11, Infuse, Skin Clarifier, Skin DefenseRegenerate, Skin Perfection, Immune Activator, Recovery, Digestive Support, Digestive Relief Elixir, and professional in-clinic treatments. 



















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