This is a common combination. The age spots are smaller and will respond much faster. Liver spots can come from a number of different medications. See a list of some here.

Age Spots

Smaller spots on the face, or freckles worsened by the sun, are caused by free radical damage at the base of your skin barrier, also called the dermal-epidermal junction (DEJ). Age spots occur because the skin inflammation triggers a protective response of melanin (brown). If you use skin lighteners alone, you will be committing to a lifetime of frustration, since any lightening effects will be temporary and worsened by sun exposure. Osmosis has patented ingredients to address this issue in a more permanent fashion than commonly prescribed lightening products by targeting the source of age spots, oxidative damage to the DEJ.

Liver Spots

We believe deeper and/or larger pigmentation distinguishes liver spots from age spots. Our research connects the cause of liver spots to medications that can often hurt the liver. View a list of liver-damaging medications here. This damage can show on the skin in the form of inflammation/redness. Once in the sun, they often become brown as the skin creates a protective cloud of melanin to cover them. Liver spots develop because the skin inflammation triggers a protective response of melanin (brown) to cover it. To resolve this, you need to heal the liver damage, otherwise, it requires a lifetime of using skin lighteners.


Rescue MD
Patented to target the source of age spots and free radical damage of the dermal-epidermal junction.

Designed to address liver spots by targeting the original source, liver damage.

Catalyst MD
This powerful formula maximizes the benefits of Vitamin C for dermal-epidermal junction (DEJ) health.

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Renew MD
Promotes age-defying, flawless skin that targets collagen and elastin to improve skin's overall nutrient supply and barrier health.

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