Osmosis has determined specific physiological changes that lead to aging skin. The following protocol is ideal for individuals between 18-29. For those who are 30+, a more aggressive protocol may be necessary, depending on the condition of the skin.

Key aspects of aging and age prevention:

Oxidative Damage

This is the damage your skin gets from sun exposure and the culprits are free radicals. It affects the surface layer of your skin (epidermis) the most but it is also responsible for collagen losses. You have been accumulating damage since you were a toddler but the evidence of it does not start showing until your 20’s.

DNA Damage

This is also a slow accumulation of damage starting at a young age. It should become your focus in your 30’s but know that sunburns, as opposed to sun exposure, is the main issue. Avoid chemical peels and antibiotics when possible because they also cause DNA damage.

Skin Starvation

You may have been misinformed that exfoliation is an important step in skin health. It is not. In fact, it stresses the skin and predisposes it to more oxidation and DNA damage as well as depleting the skin’s precious resources. Every year of your adult life your skin progressively loses its circulation which is its food source. Energy drinks, smoking and stress wall worsen the situation. Focus on products that accelerate the delivery of nutrients and increase new blood vessel formation.

Also Beneficial

Activates the restoration of dermal collagen to replace a significant portion of what has been lost over 3 months. It also restores liver health leading to better metabolism and immunity.

Antioxidant Infusion Serum
Fights free-radical damage while activating collagen.