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Why Vitamin A?

Let’s Hear it for the A-Team!

Vitamin A is an amazing ingredient for the skin. It has been the gold standard for anti-aging skincare for decades. However, research shows that not all forms of Vitamin A are created equal. 


Why Vitamin A? 

Vitamin A is a key player in the anti-aging skin game. The benefits of Vitamin A include collagen and elastin production, stimulating cell turnover, and reducing hyperpigmentation, just to name a few! The class of Vitamin A derived ingredients are called retinoids, and when using a Vitamin A serum it is important to pick the correct form of retinoid.  


Not All Vitamin A Is Created Equal 

Research supports that retinaldehyde (also referred to as retinal) is the most effective form of Vitamin A. This form of Vitamin A is clinically proven to help reduce multiple signs of aging without causing irritation to the skin. Retinaldehyde has been scientifically demonstrated to best support long-term collagen production, while other forms of retinoids impair normal skin function and can result in DNA damage. 


The Retinaldehyde Advantage 

Osmosis uses a stabilized form of retinaldehyde in our Vitamin A serums to support collagen and elastin production, rebuild the skin, normalize oil production, and activate overall youthful skin.  The use of a stabilized form of retinaldehyde means that our Vitamin A serums will not cause irritation or sun sensitivity. These serums also have a specialized delivery system, ensuring retinaldehyde penetrates deeper into the skin. 

Vitamin A Serums

Osmosis Beauty offers Vitamin A serums to support all skin types, conditions and concerns. 



Pro Tip

Osmosis' Vitamin A serums have a unique delivery system, ensure you activate your serum with Nutrient Activating Mist or Boost. 


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