The Full Body Reset | The Best You Yet

The Full Body Reset | The Best You Yet

Are you guilty of secretly eye rolling at individuals that are making big changes and sharing it on social media for all the world to see?! Truthfully, we all unintentionally make small judgements every day on what others are doing. We subconsciously question our own decisions and actions at the same moment. We are conditioned to laugh, tease, (eye roll) and justify our current situation to make peace with these feelings. But, what is the root cause of feeling this way and why do human beings naturally resist things that are good for them? Are we perhaps holding back from our true potential?

The concept of change doesn’t always come easy.

 In fact, it can be terrifying for some. Why? Change acknowledges that something different needs to happen in order to receive or experience a better outcome. Change admits that what was working before, may not be working well now. When you evaluate your current progress does your overall vision match your actions? When you assess your overall well-being, do you feel off or imbalanced? Perhaps you want to create positive change in this new year, but you just aren’t quite sure how to? Maybe you need a gentle nudge to get going.

 If you feel uneasy or hesitant in answering any of these questions, it very well may be a good time for a reset. Perhaps now is just the right moment for change or it could be just a new year’s coincidence. 

The truth is it doesn’t matter the reason. It is very possible that you or someone you support may have been waiting for just the right opportunity to change. Take this opportunity to evaluate what is working well and what needs to change. Why not establish a practice that provides more positive outcomes. Consider evaluating what works and what needs to go.

How to best prepare for change:


  • Focus on your own journey
  • Be present by existing in the current moment. This means taking one task at a time.
  • Remember to be forgiving of yourself and others. Forgiveness is for you, it’s a conscious decision to be at peace.
  • Be open and vulnerable, that is when change truly flourishes!
  • Be thoughtful and realistic. Not every single moment or action has to be a learning opportunity.
  • Have a support system. Rely on those who celebrate and appreciate you for who you are.
  • Create a plan. Have a schedule and allow for modifications.


Take it one day at a time my friend. Change has an accumulative effect on the future.


When you create real, consistent change in the body, naturally it inspires a full body reset. A full body reset doesn’t necessarily mean you are a master of all thing's health and wellness. It’s about thriving! It’s about feeling energized and ready for what is to come. 

In your full body reset journey, you can address physical, emotional and spiritual goals. There is no right or wrong way to reset. There is no time frame either. Your goal is your own. Set realistic expectations upon yourself, stay the course and you’ll get there before you know it. Remember, embrace individuality because a healthy body looks different on everybody.


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