At Home Skin Care Guide

At Home Skin Care Guide

When it comes to the skin, the most important thing to consider is the role it participates in- our overall protection from the outside world. Our skin helps to ward off illness and acts as a diagnosis tool for many ailments. Our skin reflects our internal concerns through detoxification; at times this detox process can lead to unpleasant skin conditions like acne, rosacea, eczema and even melasma.

Simply put, our skin is vital for our survival. However, we may at times take it for granted. As our largest organ, our skin protects us, surrounds us and holds us together. It is a passageway to our bloodstream, it is a temperature and pain moderator, it synthesizes Vitamin D, and stimulates the senses by the way of physical touch. 

We speak so passionately about maintaining barrier health as it is the pinnacle of skin health. Our philosophy of healing and not harming instills the value of honoring the skin’s intrinsic function. When we neglect the barrier, we essentially lower our guard down and invite in environmental toxins, pollutants, ultraviolet rays, pathogens and viruses. Neglecting the skin’s barrier also contributes to premature aging.  

Additionally, there is also a strong connection between diet and skin health. Selecting foods that nourish the body from within directly reflect on different areas of the face. Incorporating adequate hydration and eating foods that are “living” meaning they come from the earth, will help support the overall health of our skin. Think fruits, vegetables, herbs, legumes, nuts and seeds to best support a balanced diet. Eating nutrient rich foods will provide the internal support that our skin specifically craves. This also means avoiding processed foods and condensed foods as they have very limited nutrients, often contain preservatives and are high in sugar and or salt. 

Having a baseline understanding about what our skin truly needs will help you make healthy educated decisions when selecting skincare. When you use the right products and understand how to care for the skin, you will see your skin transform before your eyes. When it comes down to it, our skin needs protection, nutrients and hydration to thrive. 

How does this translate into skin care product selection? 





We cleanse the skin to remove impurities and prepare it for nutrients and hydration. Selecting a cleanser like Cleansing Balm or Enzyme Cleanser will effectively remove such impurities and prepare the skin for the next step. Remember, when cleansing it is encouraged to take a few moments to gently work that cleanser into the skin and remove with luke-warm water.


Treat | Serum & Nutrient Mist Application 

Serums are to be applied immediately after freshly cleansed skin. Serums contain essential nutrients for repair and the science technology, which we like to call delivery systems. Our serums like Advanced Retinal Serum (rich in collagen stimulators & antioxidants), Epidermal Repair Serum (utilizes a stabilized oxygen molecule for repair), Growth Factor Serum (to best support the formation of healthy cells), and DNA Repair C Serum (to address wounded skin and support DNA repair) ultimately prevent skin starvation. Skin starvation is a main contributor when addressing premature aging. In order to further advance these essential ingredients into the skin, we recommend using our Nutrient Activating Mist to activate and support the delivery system. Spray 5-7 pumps with your serums to ensure adequate absorption.


Hydrate & Moisturize

Offer aging skin more support with a moisturizer like Soothing Face & Neck Cream to help enhance hydration levels and improve texture. Pro Tip: For more moisture to assist dry skin, apply a thin layer Restorative Facial Oil over top your moisturizer. 



We finish our steps with the ultimate protector, SPF 30 Broad Spectrum Sunscreen. Applying a daily physical block from the sun sets the skin up for success when addressing sun damage. Apply sunscreen all over exposed skin daily, reapply as needed (approximately every 2 hours) when outdoors.

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