Podcast 42: Product Focus - Skin Aid

Podcast 42: Product Focus - Skin Aid

In today's episode, I focus on one of our products: Skin Aid, our latest supplement at Osmosis. I share what Skin Aid is used for, who can benefit from it, and what is in it. I also talk about prevalent skin conditions, causes of candida imbalance in the body, and how Skin Aid is related to mucus production.

Listen to this episode to learn the benefits of Skin Aid and when and why you should use it.

"It is when candida changes or increases in quantity in the gut that we start to see the skin telling us: Hey, something is unbalanced in the body."
– Dr. Ben

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Show Notes

  • What is Skin Aid used for
  • Why are some skin conditions prevalent today
  • What are the benefits of Skin Aid
  • How to indirectly treat an imbalance of candida
  • What is the Osmosis philosophy
  • When do you need to use Skin Aid
  • What causes mucus
  • How many rounds of Skin Aid can you take at once
  • What are the side effects of too much mucus
  • Why do you want more vitamin A in your body and gut
  • What is in Skin Aid
  • Who should avoid psyllium husk
"I love this combination of the Trifala, beta carotene, and psyllium husk."
– Dr. Ben

Links Mentioned

"Sometimes I find when people are on our protocols and their acne still persists that they are actually vitamin A deficient in their diet and it is affecting their body's ability to keep candida controlled."
– Dr. Ben

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