Podcast 41: Understanding and Treating Rosacea

Podcast 41: Understanding and Treating Rosacea

Today is all about understanding and treating rosacea. Rosacea is a rapidly growing challenge throughout the world and it can be frustrating not to know the causes. There is confusion in the medical world that inflammation is flat-out bad, but thankfully we are not on the same page. We believe we understand the causes and the solutions to rosacea -- and even effective treatments. So in this episode, I talk about skin mapping, vascular disregulation, and how mediations can affect your rosacea.

Listen to this episode to learn how Osmosis discovered the cause and treatment of rosacea and how dairy, candida, and liver damage can be linked to rosacea.

"Your skin is a messenger for the other organs."
– Dr. Ben

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Show Notes

  • What is Skin MappingTM
  • Why does the face act as a messenger for the rest of the body
  • How did Osmosis discover the cause and treatment of rosacea
  • How is the vascular disregulation theory related to rosacea
  • Why would liver harm cause rosacea
  • What is digestive rosacea
  • How to identify rosacea
  • Is medication linked to rosacea
  • What is the digestive cause of rosacea
  • What stimulates the growth of candida
  • Should you take probiotics
  • Does dairy affect rosacea
"Everything in the skin is caused by either a toxin, pathogen, or emotion problem."
– Dr. Ben

Links Mentioned

"You can't talk about digestive rosacea without talking about mucus."
– Dr. Ben

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