Epidermal Repair Serum


Rescue Epidermal Repair Serum is an exceptional formula enriched with a patented anti-inflammatory ingredient, Ozonized Ethyl Oleate (Trioxolane), which accelerates the skin's natural healing process and repairs free-radical damage. This multifunctional, best-selling serum embraces your skin with calming, detoxing, and healing properties, catering to all skin types, especially those sensitized by acne or rosacea.


  • Patented Trioxolane supports skin health
  • Accelerates healing of blemishes
  • Calms and corrects redness and skin irritation

This product is also available in a clinical strength formula.

Contact an Osmosis Professional to purchase Rescue MD from our MD Advanced Collection.

Use: Apply 1-2 pumps on clean skin in the morning and evening. Follow with additional serum(s) and moisturizer if needed.

Pro Tip: Epidermal Repair Serum can be used anywhere on the body to calm the irritation and redness of shaving or waxing.

Water, Ethyl Oleate, Cyclodextrin, Glycerin, Carbomer, Sodium Hydroxide.

Color may change or vary naturally over time. This does not reduce the efficacy of the product. This ingredient list is subject to change; please refer to product packaging for the most up-to-date ingredient list. Chirally correct ingredients used where possible.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

Saved my skin!


The best for redness

Emily B.
It’s changed my life

I’ve battled cystic acne for years. This is working miracles on my skin! I cannot recommend it enough if u struggle with acne!

Wow! This is exactly what we love to hear. We're thrilled it's working miracles for your skin! We know how frustrating cystic acne can be, and it's amazing to hear Rescue is making such a positive difference for you. Thanks for sharing your experience - it will definitely inspire others.


Good quality as always

Thanks for trusting Osmosis with your skin! We appreciate your continued support.


Feels great on the skin.But after 3 weeks of regular usage no visible difference ,then olive oil.

Thanks for sharing your experience with Rescue. Everyone's skin responds differently to products, and it can take some time to see results. We want to help you achieve healthy, radiant skin! Feel free to reach out to our customer service team for help or personalized recommendations.

THANK YOU! Your saving my skin!

I fell terribly ill last year. My beautiful skin just turned to a nightmare. Hair loss, skin dullness, spots, dark and light! Dry skin and oily skin. Crows feet, loss of all plumpness, fullness. If I showed u before and after pictures this would be a sold out item much longer than I hope it to be. Was here to order more! It was a gift from a friend, whom bought it after her friends skin looked better than it did 10 years ago. We all know that word of mouth and seeing results means everything. I am a 3x word of mouth and women in her late 30s sharing my profound life changing experience with this product. I didn’t want to go out anymore, I just didn’t recognize myself. After one use my friend says “wow, you look great your skin looks great”. I told her I used something new a family friend gave me and I thought I was being hopeful. The compliment meant the world! I was wearing no makeup! I will a happy lifelong user of this product! Please get more in!! Need it ASAP! I will be trying more of these products and documenting my experience. If I can help one women leave the house with the confidence I have today with my skin- it would mean the world! Try this product. Know a friend going thru any chemotherapy, iv treatments, nutritional absorption problems, sensitive skin, dark spots, loss of fullness. Restore a little life into there skin, your skin!

It rescued me.

After about a week of using Rescue I noticed that my skin was brighter and had a glow to it. I was using it in conjunction with Catalyst AC-11, Correct and Stem Factor. I was on an endless search for a skincare line that would help me age gracefully. Osmosis is it. After using it now for over three months, my skin is more plump, brighter and my pigmentation has gone down. I will not be without either this Rescue or the new formula. Thank you Dr. Ben!

Best Product EVER!

I can't say enough about this product, it's nothing short of a miracle for my skin. I was dealing with a weird rash all over my face for over a year, which was definitely impacting my self-esteem. After using this product for about a month, my entire face was clear; a complete transformation. My skin reacts negatively to a lot of skincare ingredients so the fact that this product is formulated with minimal ingredients is amazing! Please keep this serum in production, I honestly never want to live without it.

The best

Oh my gosh! This is the best product for rosacea and acne. It’s been working for my skin and I can’t believe it!

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