Melasma in multiple areas is the result of liver damage from birth control, hormones, other medications or pregnancy after age 30. Our protocols are designed to assist the liver in repairing the damage which results in the brown pigment normalizing over time.

Melasma starts as redness in the skin from what research calls dermal inflammation. We link this inflammation to liver damage. When exposed to significant sunlight the skin protects the red spots with melanin resulting in large brown spots on the face. To resolve this permanently you need to heal the liver damage, otherwise, it requires a lifetime of using skin lighteners.


Immune Activator
Addresses oxidative repair from the inside out. This is less effective if you remain on the melasma-inducing medication.

Designed to promote liver health and assists Immune Activator in addressing oxidation damage.

Catalyst MD
This powerful formula maximizes the benefits of Vitamin C for dermal-epidermal junction (DEJ) health.

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Also Beneficial

Purifies and hydrates the skin.

Rescue MD
Designed to help calm dermal inflammation caused by melasma.