Osmosis has clinically proven that acne is not a bacterial infection nor is it related to oil which is why our protocols are so radically different. The inflammation seen on the skin is your body’s detox process.

Liver acne, sometimes known as hormonal acne, appears on your jawline, neck, chest, or back and is caused by estrogen-like environmental toxins. Food preservatives are purged in your jawline area, while pesticides will purge in your neck area, and chlorine purges on your chest and/or back. Liver acne is often more pronounced in women due to changes in menstrual cycles. Your acne inflammation is the skin attempting to process these toxins. The best protocol to address this type of acne is to bind the toxins before they reach the skin.


Skin Defense
A powerful toxin binder that specifically targets the causes of acne in these zones.

Rescue MD
Accelerates the detox process while calming irritated skin.

Clarify Clearing Retinal Serum
A clearing vitamin A serum that works with the skin to normalize oil production, improve detoxification, calm inflammation, restore the epidermal barrier, and accelerate the healing process of blemishes.

Balance Botanical Activating Mist
A botanical and frequency boosted mist to help enhance product penetration, detoxify, calm, purify, and refresh the skin.

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Also Beneficial

Designed to promote liver health and its ability to detox. Through this process, the removal of toxins that purge along the jawline, chest and back is more efficient and thus reduces breakouts.

Extract Purifying Charcoal Mask
Designed to help absorb oil, reduce pore size, and detox skin for a smoother, brighter complexion.