Enlarged pores are caused by a combination of free radical (sun) damage to the dermal-epidermal junction (DEJ) as well as mirroring gaps created in your digestive tract. Osmosis patented treatments that exclusively targets this specific concern to create real, long-term changes in the pore size from both inside and out.

The DEJ is the only part of your skin barrier that does not replace itself every month and so it takes a lot of permanent hits from the sun. Osmosis patented serum targets this concern. The most common foods that cause gaps internally include yogurt and ice cream because of their pasteurized emulsifiers. Avoid these.

Certain foods also contribute to the size of enlarged pores. The most common ones are yogurt and ice cream because of the toxic effect of pasteruized emulsifiers. We recommend avoiding these.

Also Beneficial

Nutrient Activating Mist
Feeds repair with critical minerals and aids in serum penetration.