World Sleep Day

World Sleep Day

March 15th is World Sleep Day and at Osmosis, we know how vital sleep is to your mind, body, and SKIN. Lack of sleep or poor sleep quality not only increases signs of aging, but also diminishes the function of the skin barrier and makes it more vulnerable to environmental stressors like UV damage, pollution, microbes, and weather.


So, how can you prevent this? Besides the obvious answer of getting more restful sleep, there are a few tips that could help if the ZZZ's are not coming easily.


  1. Elevate your bedtime routine. Grab your coziest blanket, silk eye mask, and favorite bedtime beverage, like our Relax & Unwind Elixir. Studies have shown that reducing stress and blue light (aka your phone and TV) at least 1 hour before bedtime promotes a more restful sleep.
  2. Support your digestion. Your gut health can not only affect your sleep but is a direct symptom of lack of sleep. Supporting your digestion is crucial even if you're sleeping well, as any disruption in digestion throws your body into overdrive. In addition to eating a diet of whole, clean, and nourishing foods, taking a prebiotic like Recovery or our bloat-reducing Digestive Support supplement routinely will help your body process waste effectively, allowing you to rest when it is time to sleep.
  3. Self Care: Adding any range of self-care activities to your nightly routine is proven to help with sleep. Try a gentle massage with the Rejuvenating Body Cream after a bubble bath or calming yoga session. Pair it with the EPIC Body Tool to enhance the oil's effects, promoting better circulation, and improved skin texture. This duo can help relax the body and boost skin health, making it a perfect addition to your bedtime ritual.
  4. Post Sleepless Night Routine: If sleep is just not in the cards, you can still revitalize your skin. Use the Cool Tool with our Refresh Eye Cream the morning after a sleepless night to de-puff and revitalize your tired eyes.


This is your reminder that sleep is crucial to your skin health and mind & body wellness. Show yourself a little more kindness, your future self with thank you!

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