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What is Your Skin Personality?

Finding the perfect skincare regimen is a difficult task. And to add to that difficulty, it seems that in the search for your perfect product lineup, you must choose from a very limiting "oily, dry, or combination" skin type category.

Osmosis is formulated around a deeper understanding of the science of your skin, what your body is trying to tell you through symptoms, and how to achieve authentic healing from the inside out. Look at aspects in your life such as physical activity, climate of where you live, diet, and various other lifestyle habits that play a role in the health of your skin and body.

Discover your skin "personality" to help find the source of your skin concerns so you can pull together a lineup that is uniquely you, and achieve true radiance from the inside out!

The Urbanite

"Urbanites," or those who live in large cities, are often exposed to many environmental toxins on a regular basis. Such might include polluted air, high chlorine content in the tap water, and typically a fast-paced schedule resulting in high stress and lack of sleep.

If this sounds like you, a daily detox supplement is essential in your skin and wellness routine to help bind and remove the many toxins you are surrounded by. Pair that with a powerful serum like DNA Repair C Serum and watch the game change for your skin health!

The Foodie

You've got a craving for flavor that is your top priority in life. And sometimes that puts a little more strain on your digestive system than you think. Digestive strain often shows up on your skin in the form of rosacea, eczema and psoriasis, and even blackheads.

Call for backup with a Digestive Support and topically with a potent Epidermal Repair Serum to give your digestion the support it needs!

The Busy Bee

Whether you're a mom of three, a workaholic, or a thriving socialite, maintaining such a busy schedule inevitably causes stress. And stress impacts your mind and body inside and out resulting in breakouts or flakey dryness.

Instead of reaching for (yet another) cup of coffee, focus on hydration, setting time aside for self-care, and keep some good moisturizers on deck. Nutrient Activating Mist is great for an on-the-go refresher, while Smoothing Face & Neck Cream serves as a soothing, restorative sleep mask to boost healing while you rest.

Lady Hormone

Do you struggle with cystic acne along the jawline or melasma on the face? Do you experience strong PMS symptoms like mood swings, breakouts, and fatigue before your cycle? If this sounds like you, you may have imbalanced hormone levels.

Osmosis is formulated to balance hormones internally while addressing topical skin concerns for lasting results and permanent healing! Shop Immune Activator and Hormone Relief Elixir supplements and treat the skin with Epidermal Repair and our DNA Repair serums.

Once you've identified your skin's personality, you're well on your way to total body healing and a brand new you!

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