Pro Spotlight: Paris Alexander Day Spa

Pro Spotlight: Paris Alexander Day Spa

We are honored to feature the Paris Alexander Day Spa as our June Pro Spotlight! Celebrating it's 30th anniversary and feature in the new book, "111 Places in Black Culture in Washington, DC That You Must Not Miss", we spoke to Paris Alexander about her journey as an Esthetician, Spa Owner, and Holistic Skincare enthusiast within the Osmosis community. 


We’d love to learn more about your professional journey and your successful practice, Paris Alexander Day Spa, that is celebrating it's 30th anniversary!

I didn't always know that I'd end up as a spa owner for over 30 years. I primarily worked in the fashion retail industry and as a teacher at a local modeling school. Ironically, I taught Skin and Makeup for aspiring models. It wasn't until my retail job closed that I realized I could officially start my career in Esthetics. Four years after completing my program, I opened my solo practice. Shortly after, Essence Magazine did an Article on Black Owned Day Spas and I was fortunate enough to be recognized nationally. To my surprise, that exposure forced me to expand from a solo artist to a reputable business with several technicians & services. This also led to additional press in local and national magazines along with TV Networks. I owe my success to the publicity I have received over the years and of course the hard work & tenacity I have put in.


Tell us about your feature in Lauri Williamson's new book " 111 Places in Black Culture in Washington, DC That You Must Not Miss", launching on June 19th:

Lauri Williamson is the Author of the book "111 Places in Black Culture in Washington, DC That You Must Not Miss". I am honored to be one of the local businesses featured in her book. The publication highlights the many stories and people continuously saving their community as leaders, owners, creatives, and more.


What are you passionate about personally?

I am passionate about doing facials and helping clients improve their skin health and overall well being. I go above and beyond to provide a one of a kind facial experience that delivers real results. Clients sense this about and say I have Healing Hands.


How has Osmosis helped/changed your practice? What are your favorite products?

It has elevated my practice and allowed me to truly offer holistic skincare treatments with a wellness approach. Incorporating Osmosis into my practice has given me more confidence to know I am offering a product backed by science and research. My favorite products are Stemfactor, Catalyst and Rescue.


Care to share about your favorite Osmosis success story?

Theresa has struggled with acne her entire adult life and used makeup daily to camouflage her skin. After a year of Infusion facials in conjunction with multiple wellness products and the entire home care protocol, for the first time she felt confident in not wearing makeup to cover her skin.


If you could give a Facial Infusion treatment to anyone past or present, who would it be and why?

If I had to choose one person, I would be honored to give an Infusion Facial to Mayor Muriel Bowser. As she does so much for the city, it would be my pleasure to give her some self care.


Any advice for new Estheticians?

My advice to new Estheticians, is to be a good listener so that you can provide a service that addresses that clients concerns. It helps to be passionate and self motivated to be willing to go above and beyond.


What does the future look like to you?

I am interested in mentoring young Estheticians. I plan to work with a local school to establish a mentoring program.


We are so honored to have you and the Paris Alexander Day Spa as part of the Osmosis professional community and can't wait to watch your continued success in your 30th year and beyond!

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