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Mastermind Leah Parks of Skin Beautiful RX

What is an Osmosis Mastermind? 

An Osmosis Mastermind is an Esthetician, Spa or Educator whose skills and passion exemplify our values of being bold innovators who address the whole self and focus on holistic care to activate essential repair within skin conditions and the body.


Leah Parks


All over the world, Osmosis estheticians are changing the way people treat their wellness and skincare concerns. Join us in celebrating an outstanding professional who is making a difference in the lives of her clients and community: 


Leah Parks of SkinBEAUTIFUL RX in Columbus, Ohio



Congratulations on being an Osmosis Mastermind! 

LEAH PARKS: Thank you, my passion for skincare knows no boundaries and I’m honored to be an Osmosis Mastermind! 


Tell us about your story. 

LEAH PARKS: I’ve dedicated my career to learning everything about aesthetic trends and innovative techniques when treating our largest organ. Early on, one of my biggest insecurities was about my skin. I think that’s why it’s become my greatest passion. 

My career started in medicine and then I moved to aesthetics. My focus has always been to marry my approach of customer centered care and my passion for business.


Your career is impressive. What are the highlights of  working with many of the most prestigious Plastic Surgery and Medical Spa practices in the country?

LEAH PARKS: Yes, I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside some of the top Plastic Surgeons, Dermatologists, NPs and Aestheticians over the years. It’s given me the opportunity to learn and have fantastic hands-on experience in cosmetic surgery procedures, fillers & neurotoxins, body contouring treatments, invasive and non-invasive skin treatments, non-surgical facelifts and so much more. 


This rigorous training and advanced education has allowed me to be proficient with Medical Grade Skincare products.  I pride myself in my ability to “talk skin”.  I love to share my customized knowledge in terms that are understandable for every person. 



“Leah Parks is a stand up kind of woman. She's reliable, consistent & honest. She never wavers from her mission of helping women across the globe reveal their best skin! I'm 67 and this woman has unknowingly, literally changed my life. She gave me hope again just when I thought my dry mature skin was in ruins.  She is the A Lister to watch.

- Kim M.


Please share highlights of your education. 

LEAH PARKS: THIS IS IT!! I tend to look only at the future and work towards future goals because this industry is constantly changing. BUT today is the highlight of my career- my best day as an esthetician. I am so extremely grateful for Osmosis and this very moment. And of course, meeting Dr. Johnson and hearing him speak and educate was, and is, such an amazing experience, he is brilliant and his passion for holistic health is contagious.


How did you become an esthetician? 

LEAH PARKS: When I used to assist physicians for laser treatments and peels, I prepared the clients by washing their faces and prepping them. During this time I would talk to them about what products they should be using at home. They would always comment how wonderful my touch felt and they would always let me know after a few weeks how the products I recommended helped them immensely.  It was natural for me, and I felt a sense of urgency of helping their skin conditions with a more gentle approach. So I went and got licensed and the rest is history.


And your Wellness Journey? 

LEAH PARKS: I have an autoimmune disease that affects my gut and because of that I suffer from rosacea and skin redness and sensitivity. Osmosis products allowed me to effectively treat my skin both internally and externally while also treating side effects of my AI.

I use Osmosis Digestive Support Enzymes &  Digestive Relief Elixir, and Osmosis Skin Defense (so amazing, I highly recommend this to all my clients). Dr. Johnson actually told me I needed this by looking at my neck HAHA. And of course, Osmosis Immune Defense Elixir. 


What would be your top suggestion for how to invest in your skin?

LEAH PARKS: See a professional, specifically someone who specializes in your skin concerns. As licensed professionals we actively touch all skin types on a regular basis and know how to effectively treat even the most difficult skin situations. I love social media and tiktok like everyone else for getting fun tips BUT touching different types of skin, feeling the thickness (or thinness), seeing the skin react to certain treatments or ingredients is knowledge and experience that cannot be duplicated when it comes to providing the highest level of care and transforming clients skin long term.


Care to share about a favorite client? 

LEAH PARKS: OMG, how could anyone really pick? I could never, I genuinely love every single one of my clients as family. People are still shocked how I can remember even the most finite details about my clients even if they live across the country or right here in the same town... I have a few hundred clients I talk to on a regular basis and I know every single one of their skin on an intimate level. I know how it reacts to ingredients, I know where we started and how far we have come together. I know if a product will be a good fit for them, or if it wont - They trust me because of this. W Without my clients I would not be where I am today and I hold them all so closely to my heart.


What’s your favorite Osmosis product(s)? 

LEAH PARKS: RESCUE Epidermal Repair Serum without a doubt! In fact, I'm sure all of my clients are so tired of hearing this because I probably talk about it and my love for it wayyy too much. Obsessed is an understatement. NOTHING on the market can come close to what Rescue does and can do for the skin. Calm Gentle Retinal Serum is a close second topical favorite, I use it everyday without fail and if I miss a day my skin lets me know it. Internally, of course Digestive Enzymes. Anyone with rosacea like me, must be on them.

In the office, I love the Osmosis Facial Infusion. Strengthening the skin's barrier while infusing nutrients gives the most amazing glow and the long term changes my clients experience that can’t be replicated with any other product.  My clients love it too. I have been adding it to other modalities lately like pairing it with a hydrafacial and it just makes all the difference when treating my clients.


What are you passionate about (personally)?

LEAH PARKS: Entrepreneurship, working, and empowering those around me. I recently opened a salon rental suites (Privé Salon Suites), a longtime dream of mine. This salon is a space for other estheticians and cosmetologists to grow and be in an environment where they can flourish and nourish their own entrepreneurial spirit. I truly LOVE working because work is not work to me - how could it be when I get to work around so many amazing people and clients, and be a part of the flow of enriching people's lives in the work we do.


What are you looking forward to in the future?

LEAH PARKS: Continuing my growth as an esthetician, keeping up with esthetic trends in an ever changing and growing industry and helping even more people love their skin.


Do you know an outstanding Osmosis professional who is using their skill and passion to make a difference in the lives of their clients and community? We’d love to hear from you!