Harley True The Advanced Esthetician

Mastermind Harley True, The Advanced Esthetician in Portland

What is an Osmosis Mastermind? 

An Osmosis Mastermind is an Esthetician, Spa or Educator whose skills and passion exemplify our values of being bold innovators who address the whole self and focus on holistic care to activate essential repair within skin conditions and the body.

 Harley True The Advanced EstheticianAll over the world, Osmosis estheticians are changing the way people treat their wellness and skincare concerns. Join us in celebrating an outstanding professional who is making a difference in the lives of his clients and community: Harley True, The Advanced Esthetician of Portland, Oregon.


Congratulations on being an Osmosis Mastermind! We’d love to learn more about your journey and your successful business in Portland OR!

HARLEY TRUE: I would like to thank Osmosis for accepting me into their family. Over the years I’ve never been very passionate about skincare, I was always more treatment focused. The day I tried these products, that all changed. I've learned that aggressive does not mean progressive and gentle does not mean ineffective. Osmosis creates lasting, visual changes, unlike anything I’ve ever seen, very quickly. I can not wait to see what they come up with in the future and I am excited for all the lives I will change carrying the brand. My love for skincare is revived.


Tell us, what led you to become an esthetician?

HARLEY TRUE: My love of beauty products and services began when I was watching the movie Death Becomes Her with my grandma (picture vodka and cigarette in hand). The scene where Goldie Hawn comes down the stairs and asks Merle Streep's character to guess how old she is and Merle Streep guesses 22- when she says she is actually 72 years old, it struck a chord in me. At the time my grandma was 72 and I was looking back and forth thinking I don’t want to look like grandma, she hasn't met the witch doctor yet. I need to learn how to make that potion.

Of course years later, I became an esthetician as I had developed acne. I went to countless places trying to get help. Nothing worked. Everything failed. I decided to learn the fundamentals of skin so I could help myself. After helping myself, my passion was directed towards helping others do the same.


Please share a few highlights of your education

HARLEY TRUE: Originally, I had no intention of being an Aesthetician. Went to hair school, but ended up dropping out twice because it gave me so much anxiety.

But because of my own struggle with my skin I ended up attending the Aesthetic program. Turns out, I went to a competency based school-that was kind of a joke. I didn’t feel like I learned anything because the teacher was totally checked out. After graduating, I worked as a regular Aesthetician for a few years. This was before advanced Aesthetics was required for lasers etc. I signed up for a one day class at Spectrum Advanced Aesthetic Institute. The teachers asked me to stay after class and told me that I was the best student they had ever had. They asked me to consider a teaching position. I attribute this to reading and studying literally anything I could get my hands on. I also experimented with everything.

I ended up agreeing to teach classes on Mondays, they even paid me and I was able to get my advanced degree for free. I still have a very close relationship with the owner, Mary. I was asked to be on the Board of Aesthetics, but I didn’t want to take time away from my own business, so I declined.


What would be your top suggestion for how to invest in your health?

HARLEY TRUE: Make your health your main priority, always! You have nothing if you don’t have health! Truthfully, the best investment in your health is making good choices. The book The Screwtape Letters had a huge impact on me. The book is about the humorous correspondence between family members depicting the path of temptation between a path of righteousness. In a way, it helped me to stop listening to self doubt and love myself. My advice- resist the temptation to think negatively and do things that have a positive impact on your health.


How do you create such a high level of trust with your clients?

HARLEY TRUE: My experience, my knowledge, and skill set. But, it’s important not to underestimate how much presentation matters. Invest in creating a professional image for yourself. Hire professionals for marketing, website design etc, social media, professionals have the best treatment facility you can even if you have to go into debt for it. Hire professionals to handle marketing.


What advice would you give someone who’s just starting out in the field of aesthetics?

HARLEY TRUE: Be fearless, you will have to make some mistakes to learn how to make the decisions of a master.


Care to share about a favorite client?

HARLEY TRUE: I treated my boyfriend's (at the time) mother’s skin and when I spoke to her a few days after her treatment, she told me that her husband told her she was beautiful for the first time in 15 years. It's the emotional response you get to experience by giving people the ability to love themselves and feel confident. I know exactly what it feels like to be ashamed of the way you look. It can really hold you back in life and tricks you into thinking you aren’t worthy of the things you deserve.


What’s your favorite Osmosis product(s)?

HARLEY TRUE: I love everything! I personally use Stemfactor, Infuse, Correct, Catalyst AC-11, Quench, Nourish, Tropical Mango, and Polish.

My favorite, Nourish- It’s like a hug from a gay man! There isn't a product on the market that smells better upon application.

Obsessed with Polish, it’s amazing. It has a nostalgic smell that hits home for me.


What are you passionate about personally?

HARLEY TRUE: I am a big nester. I am not just an Aesthetician in the capacity of skincare. I love everything beautiful, pleasurable, and palatable. Anything that feels good, smells, good, tastes good. I love to surround myself with the best of everything, that includes quality personal care products. I am from the planet Venus, a descendant of Aphrodite, she is my Goddess.


What are you looking forward to in the future?

HARLEY TRUE: I look forward to never looking my age, cheers* - and years more of meeting others that are into self-care just as I am.



If you could give anyone a facial living or dead who would it be?

HARLEY TRUE: If I could give anyone a facial, it would actually be me at 15 years old. Finding Osmosis back then would have saved me a lot of trouble and I can’t imagine how much stronger my practice would have been if I had been carrying Osmosis through my entire journey.


It is vital that we honor and recognize the invaluable contributions of our licensed professionals. Our Masterminds have dedicated their time, expertise, and passion to acquire the necessary skills and qualifications to serve and support others. Let us appreciate and celebrate their contributions as they make a difference in our communities. We are honored to welcome Harley True into our family of Osmosis Masterminds.


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