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Mastermind Dale Pregil of SkinSense Hawaii

What is an Osmosis Mastermind? 

An Osmosis Mastermind is an Esthetician, Spa or Educator whose skills and passion exemplify our values of being bold innovators who address the whole self and focus on holistic care to activate essential repair within skin conditions and the body.


All over the world, Osmosis estheticians are changing the way people treat their wellness and skincare concerns. Join us in celebrating an outstanding professional who is making a difference in the lives of her clients and community: 


Dale Pregil of SkinSense Hawaii with locations in Kaneohe, Oahu and Kaumana, Hawaii.


Congratulations on being an Osmosis Mastermind! 

DALE PREGIL: Thank you for this wonderful accolade!  I am humbled and honored. It’s crazy to think how far you can go when you follow your heart and stay focused on helping your clients become healthier with their skin and wellness, one person at a time!


Please share highlights of your education? We’d love to hear about your journey from the legal field to becoming a licensed esthetician and owner of two spas on separate islands?


DALE PREGIL: After my High School and College education, I started a career in the legal field. Although it was a stable career, the nature of that industry wasn’t for me. After 15 years, I worked up the courage to leave then immediately dove into helping my husband launch a surf school and retail operation here locally. He was a firefighter and had a dream of teaching locals and visitors the Hawaiian sport of surfing, with safety being paramount. I ran the day-to-day back office operations and took care of communicating and booking all prospective surfers. While doing this, I was introduced to the cosmetics field and started working with various companies owned by Estée Lauder. As the surf school grew, I relinquished my duties and focused on the beauty industry, which was quickly becoming my passion. From there I furthered my education by getting licensed in Esthetics in 2009 and was immediately hired as an instructor, where I worked for about a year. 


In 2010, I opened my first Day Spa, SkinSense Hawaii in Kaneohe, on the island of Oahu. I was blessed to have a close relationship with an Aunt who owned and operated Complexions, a very successful Day Spa in Honolulu for over 40 years. She offered me a position to work that allowed me to expand my knowledge in different modalities while being exposed to some of the best skincare lines. This is where Osmosis comes into the picture!  In 2017 my family and I embarked on an amazing adventure by moving to the Big Island of Hawaii where I opened my 2nd location in Kaumana, while keeping my first location on Oahu. I fly back and forth each month to service my wonderful clients. 


How did you become an esthetician? 


DALE PREGIL:  As a Hawaii-born native, I grew up spending my life loving the sunshine, beaches, outdoors and anything to do with nature. I guess you could say I was a sun-worshiper. 


I was taught at a young age “be good to your skin”, “wash your face”, “use a moisturizer” and “stay out of the sun”.  However, as a teenager, and well into my 20s and 30s, the health of my skin wasn’t my biggest concern. The constant exposure to the sun and oftentimes sunburned-skin went untreated. If only I knew then what I know today!


My inspiration to become an esthetician started when I was working with Clinique as an Account Consultant. They would send us to training where they took a deep dive into the skin’s physiology and that got me excited! Knowing how precious our largest organ is and we sometimes unknowingly abuse it, I knew I needed to learn all I could to protect it. 


As an early esthetician, my dream was to show others how to become the best version of themselves. I encouraged everyone to truly take the time to care for themselves and their skin through the strategies and tools I knew of at the time.  In fact, my business motto was “care to look your best” which I believed all started with a facial. 


However, the more I learned about Osmosis, meeting Dr. Ben for the first time, listening and learning from him in our Mastermind group, and getting to know his philosophy behind the company, it all became perfectly clear! I was convinced that “beauty starts from within, permanent change is possible, your skin just needs to be inspired”! “If given the right tools, your skin can heal itself”. This all made sense to me and my eyes opened up to the real meaning of why I became an esthetician.


And your Journey? 


DALE PREGIL:  Thus my holistic journey began. Treating the skin on the surface wasn’t good enough! Learning how to dive deeper by discovering the root cause with real solutions took my esthetic journey to a whole new level. Dr. Ben’s philosophy resonated with my soul and I was on fire! Ingredients matter, and so does its delivery system. At this time, I became certified as a Holistic Skin Specialist. 


I am committed to Osmosis. It is the only product line that I promote in my spa.  In this field when you have the flexibility to work with any company and promote any line, I knew I didn’t want to offer my clients anything that would harm them (on the skin or in their bodies).  Every ingredient, every modality matters.  I made a promise to myself and my clients, only the best.


I love how Dr. Ben is committed to personally help everyone and support us professionals through whatever journey we’re on.  Osmosis now has some of the best educators in the field, along with an RN that helps guide us.


As a teenager and most of my adult life I suffered with migraine headaches and hormonal acne. With the advice from doctors and naturopaths, which included better dietary choices, the answer and solution did not come until Skin Defense entered my life! I’ve learned so much about environmental toxins, xenoestrogens and the impact it has on my hormones and body.  Gaining this knowledge has been invaluable.


In addition, I also lived with Hashimoto’s disease and was told I would be on medication for the rest of my life just to have my thyroid working optimally. I never fully accepted that answer and was on a mission to find a better solution.

“I am in my 60's and needed some TLC for my skin. Meeting Dale was a blessing! Her professionalism, knowledge in her products, and a sincere follow-up gave me all the hope that I was doing the BEST I could do for my skin. Working on the inside first was so important and a sure reflection of Dale’s holistic approach to my skin. In ten days my Rosacea is gone and my skin is so soft that it feels much younger. I really believe that Dale not only gives facials, but she approaches the individual to help bring out the beauty from the inside which shows on the outside. Dale is a teacher and has so much knowledge to share about the skin that every single woman needs to hear!” ~Roxann


What would be your top suggestion for how to invest in your skin?


DALE PREGIL: Make yourself a priority. Be your best advocate. If you don’t look out for yourself, no one else will! Make your skin health a priority. Invest in great skin and health supplements you can trust. Trust the professionals. Don’t believe everything that’s out there.


Exercise, get outdoors, make great food choices, become a label reader. Gain awareness of environmental toxins both internally and externally.  Find something you love to do that balances your stress and moves your body: a walk, a swim, a dance class, working in your garden. Our bodies are incredibly amazing! When given the right tools and nutrition it has the ability to heal itself and thrive.


Care to share about a favorite client?  


DALE PREGIL: Honestly? They’re all my favorite!


I love creating that meaningful connection with each person. I commit alongside them in their skincare journey; writing down their goals, making sure they’re properly using their products, and giving them a specific roadmap to follow. I also commit to see it through as far as they want to take it.  My goal is to earn their trust and make sure they get the most out of their investment. In fact, I offer a monthly membership with added benefits for them so they have a real shot at achieving their goals and can do so seamlessly.


Every client is special. Each one helps make me the best esthetician and wellness coach I can be. I couldn’t be more grateful and at the end of the day they allow me to do what I’m so passionate about.


What’s your favorite Osmosis product(s) and why? 


DALE PREGIL: I have SO many! And depending on the day, it changes. 

My favorite topical powerhouse is Catalyst AC-11 DNA C Repair Serum and Rescue Epidermal Repair Serum! Working on repairing my DNA, pigmentation and always keeping my barrier at its best is imperative!


For my wellness, I’m literally taking them all! However, my top favs are: Skin Defense, Recovery and Regenerate


Skin Defense has given me a whole new life! I don’t have hormonal breakouts like before and my migraines have been eliminated. 


I’m amazed by each supplement that Dr. Ben brings to the line. There’s always something more to learn. Fighting against invaders in this toxic world can definitely be challenging, but with these supplements in hand, we give ourselves the best chance for optimum health. 


What are you passionate about personally?

DALE PREGIL: Personally, I’m passionate about growing my own garden, ranch life, and doing what I can to preserve the beauty all around me.  Without a doubt, I’m about protecting the ones I love and helping them live their best life.  I guess you can say that’s my mission.  


What are you looking forward to in the future?

DALE PREGIL: I look forward to expanding my spa to a full wellness center where clients can find refuge and healing, or answers to their health and skin concerns.  I’d love to hold in-person education classes too.


My passion goes beyond what happens in the spa room.  My future goal is to empower people to take charge of their wellness. 


Anything else you want to share! 

DALE PREGIL: Mahalo for the opportunity to share my story.  Estheticians hold a special place in this beauty industry that go way beyond what products and tools can do.  In esthetics school I learned that each beginning starts with the heart center.  What flows from the heart sets the tone for your intentions in the future.


“Her passion, knowledge and genuine desire to help her clients live a healthier lifestyle is evident, and she is always available to answer any questions that come up. I’m very excited to continue on my path to healthier skin and a healthier body.” ~Donna


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