Mastermind: Rowena Arnold

Mastermind: Rowena Arnold

What is an Osmosis Mastermind? 

An Osmosis Mastermind is an Esthetician, Spa or Educator whose skills and passion exemplify our values of being bold innovators who address the whole self and focus on holistic care to activate essential repair within skin conditions and the body.

 Rowena ArnoldAll over the world, Osmosis estheticians are changing the way people treat their wellness and skincare concerns. Join us in celebrating Rowena Arnold!


What does being an Osmosis Mastermind mean to you?

ROWENA ARNOLD: To me, being an Osmosis Mastermind means not only deeply understanding the skin + wellness philosophy of Dr Ben and the brand, but embodying it personally to continue to demonstrate my passion and dedication to seeking to support myself and benefit those around me every day.


We’d love to learn more about your professional journey and your successful practice.

ROWENA ARNOLD: A highlight of my professional career was meeting Dr Ben, right as I was finishing Esthetics School in 1999, at my first training class with his first skin care company. Everything he shared immediately felt aligned. From this point, I kept learning and researching, verifying his findings with more research from my curiosity to understand them and help others most effectively. I feel very fortunate to say that his findings and research and tools have guided and influenced my entire Esthetic career since the timing of our connecting was so early on.

When I opened my solo practice in 2005, I was searching for solutions and answers to my own health struggles related to hormones and environmental toxicity. I learned that much of what I was experiencing was similar to the root issues of many of my clients who were struggling with acne. Over time and relentless dedication to finding answers which included Osmosis philosophies, I was able to not only understand how my own body was being affected and resolve my own health issues, I now had extensive knowledge and experience to offer support to others struggling with their skin + wellness.

My deep awe and interest in the human body's perfect intelligent design drives confidence in my esthetic practice. I know + trust that the body has the capacity to align and function optimally when given the conditions and support it needs to do so. This, along with my personality that desires and thrives on positively affecting others deeply + abundantly, has molded me into the professional I am today and sustained my passion and excitement about the esthetic wellness industry and in my business 24 years later.


What does Wellness mean to you?

ROWENA ARNOLD: To me wellness means health. To be operating according to our incredible design physically and spiritually, together as a community. There are an abundant number of factors that influence this and create challenges to be well in our current environment , however knowing the strategies and having access to the physical and spiritual tools to support wellness individually and collectively, is a gift and responsibility that I deeply honor. I believe the answers we need to live an abundant life of health, joy, love, contentment and community are available to us all to experience Wellness within our capacity now + even more abundantly in the future. An ancient passage says: "There is more happiness in giving than there is in receiving." When we know and have answers to support Wellness, I feel it is a duty to share this with others so they can also have the opportunity to live the best they can.


Care to share about your favorite Osmosis success story?

ROWENA ARNOLD: To be honest, my favorite Osmosis success story is my next one. To date, while I don't count the success stories, every client I have met so far is a success story with me, in being able to experience deep relief from skin struggles to connect through touch, trust and compassion.

Dozens of stories come to mind as I write this, but one that stands out is a man who I worked with virtually about 3 years ago. He is married, has small children and his life was impacted severely for decades by his acne struggles and the symptoms that came with it. It limited him leaving the house and enjoying time with his loved ones as well as his mental health. After working with him for a few months to support his skin from the inside out, he shared that his mental health and outlook on life dramatically shifted. So much so that, not only was his skin clear he was able to be free of his health and skin issues and was able to confidently and abundantly participate in all areas of his life and family.


What’s your favorite Osmosis product(s)?

ROWENA ARNOLD: My favorite Osmosis wellness product is Immune Defense for the ability to experience the joy of seeing lives changed dramatically after answers have come up short + other options have been exhausted in my weekly Esthetic practice. Skin Defense, because it changed my life and positively and dramatically affects others by supporting the negative and accumulative effects on our skin + health from our toxic environment. My favorite Osmosis Skincare product is Rescue. It's the "unicorn" of the line and there is just nothing else like it to support, protect and repair the immunity + health of the skin.


What are you passionate about personally?

ROWENA ARNOLD: Besides skin health and wellness, I am passionate about supporting my community, friends and family. I am passionate about serving others and thriving from the gifts that return in abundance from it. I am passionate about being a continual and humble learner and inquirer. I cherish soaking in moments of laughter, security, joy and the beauty around us.


What does the future look like to you?

ROWENA ARNOLD: The future looks exciting and bright! While I believe that big shifts will happen to create a much needed global human alignment, the process to get there will be beyond + worth the effort.

 In skincare, I believe we already have the answers to real, long term + lasting solutions. As we continue to learn more about our bodies design, what is affecting it, and the science and nature to support it we will continue to provide revolutionary + unmatched skin wellness strategies. 


If you could give a Facial Infusion treatment to anyone past or present, who would it be and why?

ROWENA ARNOLD: First, I'd give a Facial Infusion to my mom because she deserves so much back from what she has given over her life, all my mom friends because moms always need opportunities to restore themselves to be able to pour out as much as they do, and Dr Ben as a small token of my appreciation for what he does and believes in and gives to us all.


 Any advice for new Estheticians?

ROWENA ARNOLD: My advice to new Estheticians is to find your niche and trust yourself along your journey. There are so many things that can challenge our confidence in our field and as humans, but one thing I've learned is that once you identify your core values, passions, beliefs + desires, you can trust yourself and your path and enjoy the abundance and success that follows. Also, reach out to other professionals you admire and align with and learn and gain insight from them. I have gotten to support and help many estheticians identify their core values for their business and help their success trajectory and also have gained support that I have needed to expand in my life and business in ways I couldn't have alone.


It is vital that we honor and recognize the invaluable contributions of our licensed professionals. Our Masterminds have dedicated their time, expertise, and passion to acquire the necessary skills and qualifications to serve and support others. Let us appreciate and celebrate their contributions as they make a difference in our communities. We are honored to welcome Rowena Arnold into our family of Osmosis Masterminds.


Do you know an outstanding Osmosis professional who is using their skill and passion to make a difference in the lives of their clients and community? We’d love to hear from you!

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