International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day

March 8th is International Women’s Day and we are celebrating the strength, courage, and achievements of all women around the world. As a female-powered company, we continue to push for progress and gender equality and are inspired by the women that have made Osmosis what it is today.


A word from Dr. Ben Johnson:

"Women have inspired much of my research and work and having a female-led team has driven Osmosis to break through the barriers of the skincare and wellness space. The insight, perspectives, and stories of our professionals and internal team have helped change the conversation around healing, graceful aging, and long-term holistic remedies for many skin issues that women and all humans face."


A few encouraging statistics:

  • 85% of Osmosis HQ employees identify as female
  • More than HALF of all spas in the US are women-owned
  • 93.9% of estheticians identify as female in the US



Happy International Women's Day from Osmosis. We hope you keep on breaking barriers and inspiring innovation today and always.


Women of Osmosis with Dr Ben Johnson