Blog posts Formula 411: False Daisy, Eclipta prostrata

Formula 411: False Daisy, Eclipta prostrata

At Osmosis we know you love ingredient knowledge, and we do too! Nutritive ingredients are the foundation of our potent, results driven, skincare and wellness products. With Formula 411, it is your opportunity every month to learn more about our key ingredients that elevate our formulas. 


False Daisy, Eclipta prostrata

False Daisy, or Eclipta prostrata is a flowering plant in the daisy or Asteraceae family. It has many other names depending on the geographical location such as  Ink Plant, Mayweed,  Stinking Chamomile and  Yerba-de-tajo. You can find False Daisy growing in warm areas of India, China, Nepal, Thailand and Brazil. 

Traditional Use & History 

Eclipta prostrata has a long history of medical uses in Traditional Chinese Medicine  & Ayurveda. This plant would also be made into a paste to treat topical concerns such as dermatitis, eczema, fungal skin infections, insect stings, and snake bites. 


Benefits | The Good Stuff 

Eclipta prostrata is packed full of beneficial plant components! 

  • Antioxidants to fight free radicals
  • Anti-inflammatory elements to soothe irritation
  • Antimicrobial compounds to help restore balance 

Experience | Where You Will Find It 

You will find Eclipta prostrata in our new Winter Warming Enzyme Mask and you will love the results. You will experience a Warming sensation to delight the senses & combat winter’s chill while brightening & balancing the skin.  



Fully embrace the nutmeg, sweet clove, and warming aroma that the Winter Warming Enzyme Mask offers by pairing this treatment mask with a seasonal warm apple cinnamon tea to sip on afterwards.