solutions for ingrown hairs, Here's how to avoid ingrown hairs when shaving.

Experts Reveal Causes and Solutions of Ingrown Hairs

Summer is the season for shaving which can often lead to pesky ingrown hairs (and is the last thing you want as you head out to the pool or beach). But what is the underlying cause of those red bumps?

Sharlyn asks our experts, and Ben Johnson, MD, shares his insights. Check it out, then shop the solutions below!

Q: "What do you think is the main cause of ingrown hairs? Specifically, the male beard line and woman bikini area. I've heard you discuss other theories in the past besides the common ones. Can you touch on this a bit?" - Sharlyn

A: "Ingrown hairs and/or folliculitis are a detox reaction. The toxin generates inflammation on its way out of the follicle, this swelling traps the hair. Facial lesions are from estrogenic toxins, bikini line is likely from mercury so look at their fish intake." - Dr. Ben Johnson

Tackle it with osmosis

Start within by addressing possible imbalanced mercury levels in the body. Immune Defense Elixir will help harmonize environmental toxicity, then turn to Epidermal Repair Serum topically to soothe and heal the inflammation of the follicle, neutralize toxins in the skin, and prevent scarring from the wound.

Bonus tip! Apply Epidermal Repair Serum to scars caused by previous ingrown hairs and watch them fade away leaving smooth, even, and radiant skin! 

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