Bring Balance Back to your Holiday Season

Bring Balance Back to your Holiday Season

Tips on Balance in the Season of Overindulgence

Your liver is performing several tasks everyday such as detoxification, digestion, and nutrient storage. Here are 3 reasons why Regenerate supports healthy skin and liver function:


Grass Fed Beef Liver 

Regenerate contains grass fed beef liver from Argentina. Grass fed beef liver is a genuine superfood that contains essential vitamins like A, B, C, and D. These nutrients help your body turn the food you eat into usable energy and helps to  supply sufficient oxygen to your muscles and organs like the liver. Grass Fed Beef Liver has also been proven to support physical stamina and mental concentration. 


Naturally Occurring Antioxidants

Grass fed beef isn’t just a buzzword, there are numerous reasons why it’s the way to go when ingesting beef products. Grass fed cows produce healthier, higher-quality beef, including naturally occurring powerhouse antioxidant Glutathione. Glutathione acts as an important antioxidant in your body that helps to manage the overage of free radicals. Excess amounts of free radicals may lead to cellular damage. 


Alpha Ketoglutarate | Amino Acid Complex 

Research suggests that Alpha Ketoglutarate will significantly improve the repair process of the liver and muscle tissue when consumed in daily amounts. Supplying Alpha Ketoglutarate to the body accelerates repair. Also included is a perfect blend of essential and non-essential amino acids that regulates collagen manufacturing. 


As you age, your body produces less and lower quantities of collagen. Regenerate is here to supply the right nutrients to support the natural part of the aging process.



To boost your metabolism, use Regenerate in between meals!


Regenerate’s Perfect Skin Pairing: