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5 Must Have Esthetician Approved Skin Care Products

Top products (& one Bonus Treatment) Estheticians across the U.S. and around the world recommend - everyday. 

#1 StemFactor Growth Factor Serum 

Why Estheticians love it:

Known as the "fountain of youth serum" in esthetician chat rooms and happy hours, this skin serum is powered by over 600 growth factors and skin peptides with advanced exosome delivery technology. StemFactor replenishes maturing skin's shortage of growth factors and proteins to improve all aspects of aging and damage by encouraging the skin’s repair process and stimulating new cell development to reveal renewed, refreshed skin. 

“If a client only wants one serum this is the one they go home with. Scientifically formulated, ease of application and dramatic results. StemFactor has no equal."

#2 Immerse Restorative Facial Oil 

Why Estheticians love it:

Naturally derived oils like marigold, sunflower and raspberry calm skin and boost suppleness, overall hydration and replenish and restore skin barrier health and condition. 

“If Clean Beauty was a cheerleading squad, Immerse would be its captain. It’s a natural leader with impact and staying power. My skin has never looked healthier or dewier” 


#3 Illuminate Eye and Lip Treatment 

Why Estheticians love it:

This anti-aging eye serum concentrate is richly hydrating, peptide-boosting, and helps restore a healthy barrier and luminosity to the delicate skin of the eyes and lips. An Esthetician fave to refresh delicate under eye skin and hydrate and plump the delicate eye skin after one too many Chardonnays. 


“Not only is Illuminate a top seller in our practice, I probably have at least three open tubes, my make-up table, my purse, and oddly - in my husband’s car. He loves it too.” 


#4 Remedy Healing Balm 

Why Estheticians love it:

It’s the go-to occlusive layer for dry, sensitive or weather impacted skin. A thick, supportive balm to reinforce the skin’s natural moisture content and enhance the skin’s density.

“I’m not sure what TikTok is calling that “glazed donut” this week, but Remedy + Facial Infusion is my secret to creating that super-hydrated skin finish that is on trend right now.”

Which brings us to the BEST, saved for last. 

#5  Osmosis Facial Infusion with RevitaPen Pro

Why Estheticians love it:

The modern alternative treatment to chemical peels with instant results and no skin wounding or downtime. A RevitaPen Pro facial fast tracks ingredient absorption. When used with Osmosis Facial Infusion, a RevitaPen Pro facial generates a 30-day collagen production increase cell turnover, improves discoloration, and reduces both acne and wrinkles.  

“We’re obsessed with the results of Facial Infusion paired with the RevitaPen Pro. The active ingredients in Facial Infusion can connect almost any skin cell receptor site and tell it to behave like a vibrant, healthy skin cell, creating a 30 day boost of collagen.”

Bonus Tip: 

Keep your skin looking great year-round with a monthly Osmosis RevitaPen Pro treatment with Facial Infusion is the go-to for keeping skin refined and unlined. Skip fillers, chemical peels and harsh dermabrasion for a more holistic route. Find a professional and book your Osmosis RevitaPen Pro Facial Today! 

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