Quote from Ben Johnson MD - The skin is a messenger for what is going on internally. What Causes Acne? Insights and Solutions

Episode 31: Acne, Maskne, Backne Explanation and Guidance from a Holistic MD

A lot of people are talking all about "maskne" or acne caused by wearing masks, so today I'm explaining what actually causes acne, and what you can do to clear it up.

In conventional medicine, there are a couple of common explanations behind what causes acne and how to treat it. Unfortunately, from a holistic point of view, a lot of those treatments involve antibiotics which can be extremely harmful to your gut and overall health. Acne is a symptom of the body detoxifying excess mucus, estrogenic toxins, candida, food preservatives, and more.

On this show, I talk about what you can do to holistically address the root causes of acne . I talk about the relationship between food and acne, the importance of detoxing your body slowly, the truth about bacteria on your face, and more.

Acne is happening in a lot of people who do not have excess oil production.
- Dr. Ben
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Show Notes

  • What causes acne
  • What happens when you take testosterone
  • How different strains of bacteria manifest in different parts of your face
  • How topical antibiotics influence the skin
  • The importance of epigenetic adaptation
  • What candida acne is
  • What foods are yeast promoters
  • How to remove excess mucus in the body
  • Skin Mapping basics
  • What causes ingrown hairs
  • The relationship between food and acne
  • How masks influence acne
  • Why acid helps some people's acne
  • What antibiotics do to the skin
  • The importance of detoxing slowly
  • What foods and hormones influences acne
We are a much more developed species than we were 100 years ago, and even more so 1,000 years ago, because our body has been exposed to more things and it has adapted and learned how to respond to this new environment.
- Dr. Ben

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The problem with medicine today is that research that is done is almost always being funded by a company that is only doing the research so that they can find a pharmaceutical drug to get FDA approval for.
- Dr. Ben

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