Everything that goes wrong with the skin is caused by toxins, pathogens, or emotions - 10 Things Esthetician Should Know

Episode 38: 10 Things Every Esthetician (and “Skincare Nerd”) Should Know

This episode is for all of you skincare nerds out there -- I see you. And I made you a list. It's all too easy to get bogged down by skincare rules and regulations, so sometimes it's good to get back to the basics. Whether you are a holistic skin coach or simply a skincare nerd, this list is a good reminder that the skin always knows what it is doing.

Listen in to this episode to learn 10 things every esthetician and skincare nerd should know, how to age with less anger, fear, and stress, and how I've changed my views on candida recently.

“Inflammation is a response to trauma.”
– Dr. Ben

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Show Notes

  • Why does skin get inflamed
  • How to keep acne from scarring
  • What causes acne
  • What causes rosacea
  • How do emotions affect skin
  • Where do pathogens come from
  • What causes strep throat
  • How to treat hyperpigmentation
  • Are acid peels bad
  • What causes skin aging
  • Do facial exercises work
We should be focusing on the repair of old damage.
– Dr. Ben

Links Mentioned

“When you harm the skin in certain ways you trigger collagen manufacturing.”
- Dr. Ben

10 Things Every Esthetician (and Skincare Nerd) Should Know

  1. Creating inflammation is never a rejuvenating event
  2. Look at all "skin events" through the filter that the skin always knows what it is doing
  3. Everything that goes wrong with the skin is caused by toxins, pathogens, or emotions
  4. All forms of hyperpigmentation are forms of protection, so always focus on the source
  5. Acne is always from a purging of toxins so all treatments should be gentle and focused on the source
  6. Aging skin is a combination of volume loss, declining circulation, sunburns, stress, and toxins
  7. Permanent reversal of aging and pigmented skin has to focus on what is missing
  8. Clearing skin conditions is only the first step in your role as a holistic skin coach
  9. Maintaining moist, hydrated skin is a function of a healthy barrier and adequate good lipid intake
  10. There is no separation between the organs, so you must spend as much time on health as you do on your skin appearance

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