Podcast Episode 40: The 2024 Guide to Staying Young and Healthy in a Toxic World

Podcast Episode 40: The 2024 Guide to Staying Young and Healthy in a Toxic World

This is the 2024 guide to staying young and healthy in a toxic world. You may be asking yourself: who is this general practitioner from Colorado who thinks he knows better than all of the scientists and physicians in the world? Today I share my background and explain why we cannot trust what is being said by the FDA, we can't trust Congress and we can't trust the EPA with our health. I talk about why our life expectancy is shrinking for the first time in decades and why skincare problems seem more pervasive than ever. I also talk about the effects of probiotics, melanin, HGH, and creatine on the body.

Listen in to this episode to learn how to keep your skin rejuvenating and how to find the truth in medical advice.

"Your skin actually has very distinct patterns that tell us a lot about what the causes are behind your health or skin imbalances."
– Dr. Ben

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Show Notes

  • What is Dr. Ben's background
  • Why did Dr. Ben pivot into skincare
  • How to find the truth in medical advice
  • Why is our life expectancy shrinking
  • What does Dr. Ben say to his skeptics
  • Why does it seem like skin problems are more pervasive than ever
  • How to stay away from toxins
  • Are probiotics good
  • Are there dangerous side effects to HGH
  • Is melanin good for you
  • How to get more melanin
  • Is creatine a good long-term strategy
"This toxic world is only getting more toxic."
– Dr. Ben

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