Podcast 44: Insights to Aging, Part I

Podcast 44: Insights to Aging, Part I

Today is the first part of my series on insights into aging, one of the most popular topics in the health and beauty world. In this episode, I talk about the dangers of carcinogens in our environment and why we should be avoiding toxins in our dietary choices. I also talk about why stress is the number one source of aging in the body and what we can do about it. Finally, I explain if your skin needs extra amino acids.

Listen to this episode to learn how to look and feel better as we get older and things to avoid to age well.

"Your brain is the dumbest part of you. The smart part of you is the cells."
– Dr. Ben

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Show Notes

  • What are the aging challenges of today
  • Is preventative botox a good idea
  • What is the number one source of aging
  • Can thought patterns trigger damage to the body
  • Is magnesium harmful to the body
  • How to navigate this toxic world
  • How important is exercise for aging
  • What happens as you lose your oxygenation capacity
  • Is there a dangerous quantity of antioxidants
  • How is diet linked to aging
  • What deficiency causes most cases of dry eyes
  • Are ingestible collagens effective
  • How to get rid of liver spots
"It is hard to manage stress well when your hormones are imbalanced."
– Dr. Ben

Links Mentioned

"Collagen is a terrible source of amino acids and collagen ingestion is not a source for collagen."
– Dr. Ben
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