pandemic insights, Quote from Ben Johnson MD - The vast majority of viruses are coming from RNA viruses - that should give you pause.

Episode 13: Pandemic Insights from a Holistic MD

There are a lot of politics and theories with regards to the coronavirus pandemic. My experience as a holistic MD, combined with immersing myself in research and following my intuition, has brought on some profound insights about the COVID-19 pandemic.

On this show, I share what I know and understand about viruses and the current pandemic. I talk about what viruses are, my thoughts on having an immunization for COVID-19, how to strengthen your immune system, tips to getting through the pandemic, and more.

“I believe that all RNA viruses are essentially biowarfare.”
- Dr. Ben

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Show Notes

*** NOTE: Dr. Ben is voicing his personal opinions; this information is not being presented as factual evidence.***

  • What is a virus
  • What RNA viruses are
  • The history of viruses
  • Why viruses are man made
  • COVID-19's relationship with RNA code
  • How evolution works
  • How immunizations work
  • The importance of strengthening your children's immune system
  • Which antibodies are viable
  • How viruses influence our health
  • How to treat your allergies
“Part of the reason why we are losing the battle of information is because they are so effective in polarizing us.”
- Dr. Ben

Links Mentioned

“I refuse to just follow group-think if my intuition is telling me something is there.”
- Dr. Ben

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