effects of negative thinking on the body, Quote from Ben Johnson MD - I've been very excited over the past 20 years in chasing down potential sources of disease.

Episode 1: Introduction to Ask Dr. Ben

Welcome to the first episode of the Ask Dr. Ben podcast. Today I'm going to give you an overview of some of the topics that we'll be discussing on this show.

I am a physician and the owner of Osmosis, and I am extremely passionate and interested in holistic health. I've studied western medicine and eastern medicine for the last several decades, and I fully believe that 99% of the time disease is connected to a pathogen, a toxin, and an emotion.

Looking your best and feeling your best has to do with supporting our bodies to function in the best possible way. On this show, I talk about the toxins that we're putting into our bodies, how to fix our broken system, how negative thinking is influencing our bodies, what inflammation actually is and much more.

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"Good ideas are coming up all of the time, and unfortunately there's not a system in place that allows us to analyze them properly.”
- Dr. Ben Johnson

Show Notes:

  • Why complacency is a distressing trend in our culture
  • How to become healthy
  • What we can do about our toxic world
  • What is challenging our system the most
  • Which toxins are more toxic than others
  • How to avoid toxins in everyday life
  • Where is the system broken
  • What is epigenetics
  • What a toxin is
  • How negative thinking influences your body
  • Why pesticides are harmful for you
  • What inflammation actually is

“You've got to go to the source of the problem. Where in most cases medication is designed to be a band-aid on the surface of the problem and they never address the actual problem.”

- Dr. Ben Johnson

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