how to get rid of age spots, Quote from Ben Johnson MD - Most peptides have no long-term benefit to the skin.

Episode 8: Insider Secrets - Cosmeceutical Ingredients, Procedures and Devices Part 2

This episode is part 2 of our series about cosmeceutical ingredients, procedures, and devices. In Part 1, I talked about treatments like Botox, LED Light therapy, fillers and more procedures that are common to try to reduce or reverse aging.

Age spots are one of the biggest skin changes that we experience as we age. In this episode, I talk about the ingredients in cosmetic lighteners for age spots and what they do to your skin.

I also share secrets about what actually happens when you exfoliate your skin, what peptides do for your long-term skin health, why sunscreen isn't great for everyday use, the truth behind using Vitamin A on your skin, and much more.

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“I want you to use a lightener only if you are using it in conjunction with healing the would.”
- Dr. Ben

Show Notes

  • How to get rid of age spots
  • What are liver spots
  • Why you have liver spots
  • Why lighteners work
  • How to treat hyperpigmentation
  • How often to exfoliate your skin
  • What happens when you exfoliate your skin
  • What is TEWL
  • The benefits of being in the sun
  • When to use sunscreen
  • How Vitamin A influences your skin
  • What is inflammatory plumping
  • How expensive your moisturizer should be
“Treat the source where possible.”
- Dr. Ben

Links Mentioned

"Chemical sunscreens turn into inflammatory agents."
- Dr. Ben

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