are vitamins good for your skin, Quote from Ben Johnson MD - The whole goal of getting your skin younger is thickening your dermis.

Episode 22: The Most Important Skincare Ingredients: A Shopper's Guide Part 1

What ingredients should you look for when buying skincare products? Today, I talk about the ingredients that holistically and scientifically create healthy rejuvenated skin.

I run into a ton of people who are skincare junkies and love to research the best ingredients in skincare, but it is hard to find true scientific information that isn't threaded with marketing messages. On this show, I share information on how essential ingredients like retinol, vitamin A, and retinaldehyde, scientifically impact your skin and its holistic anti-aging process. I also talk about how you should invest in moisturizers and the best way to moisturize your skin.

Be sure to tune in next week for Part 2 to learn about more of the most important skincare ingredients for your skin.

Remember, the whole goal of getting your skin younger (permanently reversing aging) is thickening your dermis.
- Dr. Ben

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Show Notes

  • The different types of retinol
  • How to know which retinol is being used in a product
  • The truth about Vitamin A
  • What happens in skin turnover
  • Why not all vitamins are good for your skin
  • Which retinol to use
  • How retinoic acid influences your skin
  • Why your skin creates pigmentation
  • What a stabilized retinaldehyde is
  • What bakuchiol is - does it work?
  • How you should invest in your moisturizer
  • The truth about moisturizers
My goal is barrier restoration and spending money on the serums that make your skin permanently younger..”
- Dr. Ben
Be very very cautious about adding retinol to your routine.
- Dr. Ben

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