how to reverse aging, Quote from Ben Johnson MD - In order to permanently reverse aging, you're going to need to do all of it together.

Episode 2: How to Reverse Aging

If you ask people if you can reverse aging skin - most professionals would say "no". But as a formulator, physician, and a researcher of skincare for more than 20 years - I would say otherwise.

In this episode, I talk about how and why you can reverse aging skin, and why many professionals say that you can't. I specifically dive into the ingredients in typical skincare and how they effect different layers of the skin and can actually increase the skins natural aging process.

Then, I talk about how you can holistically and truly reverse aging, the ingredients to look for that react with the dermal layer in the healthiest way, how to refuel your skin to give it what it needs to look younger, how to repair your DNA, and much more.

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“I believe that the body has essentially proven that all the cells are essentially inter-communicating."
- Dr. Ben

Show Notes:

  • How to know if your skincare is working
  • How skincare today works
  • Why your skincare might not be working as well as you think
  • How aging skin works
  • What is skin starvation
  • How to reset the blood supply in your skin
  • Why retinoid acid is hard on your skin and increases aging
  • The truth about retinol
  • What lactic acid does
  • Why the dermal epidermal junction is important
“Emotional unrest is the number one cause of aging. ”
- Dr. Ben

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