Episode 24: Top 10 Biggest Mistakes You Must Avoid in Your Anti-Aging Routine Part 1

If I were to rename this podcast episode, I would call it - don't do it!!! I've researched (and even self-experimented) with different strategies to fight aging, and through that process I've realized what you absolutely should NOT do to your skin to try to reverse aging.

For awhile, I worked in cosmetic corrections that were harsh on the body, and long-term that actually end up making your skin age more quickly. Today, I talk about what needs to be done in order to holistically promote anti-aging and look vibrant and healthy. I address steroids, exfoliating, Vitamin A, and more.

Your body is always just in adaption mode. It is not broken, it is just adapting to its new situation.
- Dr. Ben

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Show Notes

  • Is trauma really the solution for rejuvenation?
  • How steroids influence your health
  • How often to dry brush
  • Why your skin feels dry
  • The harms of exfoliating
  • How to replenish and add moisture to the skin
  • The truth about Vitamin A
  • Why beta hydroxy acid promotes AGING
  • How beta hydroxy acid influences your collagen levels and deep layers of the skin
  • How chemical peels burn the skin
  • What hypo pigmentation is
Every time you exfoliate your skin, you force nutrients that might have been there to keep your wrinkles from being there into the epidermal layer..”
- Dr. Ben

Links Mentioned

  • Facial Infusion
You have 15 layers of stratum corneum when you're born and you have 15 layers of stratum corneum when you die.
- Dr. Ben

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