Spring Mini Mask Trio

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Celebrate the season of growth and awakening with this Spring Mini Mask trio designed to refresh, reinvigorate, and renew! It's the perfect way to awaken your senses, balance the skin, and enjoy the season's newness. 

Soak in the essence of spring with the NEW Spring Mask. This all-in-one fresh enzyme mask is a gentle yet effective blend of yogurt, inulin, and lactic acid to delicately exfoliate and balance the skin while supporting epidermal health with soothing allantoin. It renews skin by stimulating cell regeneration, calming irritation, treating wounds, and promoting healthy tissue growth. The result is improved texture and a softer, suppler complexion!

The Tropical Mango Mask is the ultimate exotic escape for the skin. This creamy mask is formulated with a nourishing and hydrating combination of nut and fruit butters and oils that restores the skin’s lipid barrier and transports your senses to a tropical paradise. Rich in vitamins, minerals, and anti-inflammatory properties, this mask soothes irritation and promotes healing.

Indulge in a decadent at-home experience with the Cucumber Mint Mask. This mask uses refreshing and cooling botanicals and humectants to awaken and stimulate the skin’s tissue while toning and increasing hydration levels. Formulated to alleviate puffiness and improve elasticity for invigorated skin that feels refreshed, revived, and ready for an evening out.


Apply a warm towel to the skin, and without applying pressure, allow the temperature of the towel to become lukewarm before gently lifting it away. Gently massage the mask into the skin for an additional 1 minute and remove any excess with another soft cloth.

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