You have melasma caused by liver damage from estrogen medication. Estrogen can also be elevated during pregnancy.

Estrogen is one of the hormones used in birth control pills and it is one of the hormones found naturally in the body. Medications use different forms of synthetic estrogen that cause damage to the liver. This damage is reflected as skin inflammation along the forehead. Melasma develops because the skin inflammation triggers a protective response of melanin (brown) to cover it.


Immune Activator
Accelerates oxidative repair from the inside out. This is less effective if you remain on the melasma-inducing medication.

Catalyst AC-11
Improves and heals DNA repair of the dermal-epidermal junction (DEJ).

Purifies and detoxes the skin.

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Also Beneficial

Designed to accelerate repair of dermal inflammation caused by liver spots and/or melasma.

Skin Defense
Assists in improving the health of the liver.