Facial capillaries are caused by five primary sources:

Source One: Damage

This can include sun damage or a traumatic event to the skin. The skin forms these capillaries to provide extra circulation to the damaged regions. This resolves quickly when accelerated repair is activated by our DNA Repair C Serum. Capillaries caused by damage.


DNA Repair C Serum
Improves repair and heals DNA damage of the dermal-epidermal junction (DEJ). Tip: Pump a pea-sized amount onto a bandaid and leave on a targeted area overnight.

Nutrient Activating Mist
Purifies and detoxes the skin.

Source Two: Inflammation of the Intestines

Enlarged blood vessels on the face that can often be seen when there’s a relationship with organs in the body. A rosacea-like appearance when mild; in digestive zones forehead, cheeks and/or nose. Usually multiple visible capillaries in forehead, cheeks, and/or nose are associated with an inflamed digestive tract. Capillaries caused by inflammation of the intestines.


Epidermal Repair Serum
A powerful tool for the skin to calm redness, detox, and boost your skin's immune strength.

Skin Clarifier
This mucus cleanse will expose candida for removal and improve digestion overall. Rosacea sufferers may require one or up to three cleanses. The indicator of your needs is how quickly you respond to the protocol.

Skin Perfection Elixir
This elixir uses groundbreaking, clinically proven technology to reduce candida and calm gut irritation.

Source Three: Acid Reflux

Although many experts descibe capillaries on the side of the nose as being related to the sun, Osmosis found that they are caused by acid reflux damage to the esophagus. Healing this type of capillaries can only happen if your body heals the damage to the esophagus, otherwise nothing topical will clear it. Capillaries caused by inflammation of the intestines.


Digestive Support
This supplement reduces the burden on the stomach which reduces acid over-production.

Immune Activator
Accelerates repair of acid damage to the esophagus. Should be swallowed on an empty stomach.

Epidermal Repair Serum
A powerful tool for the skin to calm redness and detox and boost your skin's immune strength.

Source Four: Chronic Constipation

Capillaries on the chin are primarily caused by chronic constipation damaging the rectum. These capillaries can respond to topical repair serums but ideally the constipation is corrected and gut health supplements improve the outcome. Capillaries caused by chronic constipation.


Ageless Vitality Elixir
Using the combination of minerals, 24k gold and frequencies, this Elixir helps restore regularity and promotes a healing environment.

Digestive Support
A big cause of constipation is poor digestion, and this enzyme complex is one of the most complete you will find. It reduces bloating, acid reflux, and constipation.

DNA Repair C Serum
This patented serum provides specific active ingredients and hydroxylated amino acids that dramatically enhance the skin's ability to heal capillaries and repair DNA.

Source Five: Liver Damage

In rare cases, people with distended blood vessels in their cheeks are caused by severe liver damage. If you have severe liver damage, a topical product will not treat your condition. Capillaries caused by liver damage.