Blackheads are caused by mucus in your digestive tract purging through your follicles and has very little to do with dirt on the skin. Mucus buildup has been an issue for many, and the primary causes include eating fried foods, dairy, and food allergies.

This mucus build-up occurs in different parts of your body resulting in varying impacted areas: large intestine, small intestine, esophagus, rectum, and lungs. We designed a protocol that addresses all these zones by treating mucus build up in the whole body.


Accelerates the detox process while being a powerful anti-inflammatory.

Skin Clarifier
This is our mucus cleanse. If you have significant blackheads you may need more than one round. Take as many as three rounds to clear mucus, let the clearance of blackheads guide you to how many cleanses your body needs. Also remember that diet habits can cause the return of mucus so you may need another round in 3-12 months. You will know if you see chronic blackheads return. Blackheads may show up after a bowl of ice cream for example, but that should be short-lived.

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Also Beneficial

Digestive Support
Improves digestion of foods, especially dairy, thus reducing the formation of more mucus.

A powerful prebiotic that restores the microbiome and gut health. This allows the gut to heal itself and thus reduce the tendency for the gut to form mucus which is the source of blackheads.