Which skin concern applies to you?*

This can include sun damage or a traumatic event to the skin. The skin forms these capillaries to provide extra circulation to the damaged regions. This resolves quickly when accelerated repair is activated by our DNA Repair C Serum.

Enlarged blood vessels on the face that can often be seen when there’s a relationship with organs in the body. A rosacea-like appearance when mild; in digestive zones forehead, cheeks and/or nose. Usually multiple visible capillaries in forehead, cheeks, and/or nose are associated with an inflamed digestive tract.

Although many experts descibe capillaries on the side of the nose as being related to the sun, Osmosis found that they are caused by acid reflux damage to the esophagus. Healing this type of capillaries can only happen if your body heals the damage to the esophagus, otherwise nothing topical will clear it.

Capillaries on the chin are primarily caused by chronic constipation damaging the rectum. These capillaries can respond to topical repair serums but ideally the constipation is corrected and gut health supplements improve the outcome.

Certain facial capillaries are the result of liver damage. In these cases the healing must occur at its origin, the liver.

Capillaries on the neck are from chronic pesticide exposure primarily. The toxins deposit in neck fat and, over time, the body reacts with this skin condition. The low level inflammation also leads to some pigmentation as well.

*If none of them applies to you, please connect with us at askdrben@osmosisbeauty.com.