Back In Balance Wellness Kit


The holidays are too much - too much sugar, too much liquor, and too much stress. For Holiday 2020 we’re offering a special trio of our bestselling Gold Infused and Frequency Enhanced Elixirs to put your system Back In Balance.  This specially priced kit includes:

  • Hangover Relief Elixir
  • Relax & Unwind Elixir
  • Sugar Detox Elixir

Hangover Relief Elixir This game-changing elixir encourages a natural alcohol detox process while replenishing energy levels and reducing hangover symptoms so you can recover faster.

Relax & Unwind Elixir This elixir is the perfect holistic alternative for promoting stress relief, calmness, and relaxation. When taken around bedtime, it helps induce a deeper, more restful sleep cycle.

Sugar Detox Elixir It’s hard to avoid sweets, especially around the holidays. Sugar Detox decreases your sugar cravings, while it counteracts the damaging effects of sugar and artificial sweeteners to your system.

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